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  1. Jimcub

    No flow

    Ha no as it’s kept in the ecu so I don’t have to 😜 now to the underfloor heating Doh 🤬🤬🤬😭 my fault dam it, I tried to clean out the flow adjusters last week and I screwed them all the way down so nothing can flow past. reset the flows and inlet manifold is now hot 😇 so no asbo for the wife, just waiting for the floor to heat up and I’ll put the panel back to hide all the pipe work. wouldn’t have touched it if it weren’t for a boiler breakdown and new bathroom fitted, I know a lot more about the workings of the mixer valve now as well. it’s an age thing now I’m old I keep telling myself, thanks for all the replies.
  2. Jimcub

    Light switch

    Can anyone point me to a 2 gang light switch single way that has a indicator light on it for each switch, I have a ceiling fan and lights in my bathroom both on same box. but being a bit deaf I can’t hear if the fan is running and leave it on, the switch is in a hallway outside the bathroom so a switch with a indicator light for 1 or both gangs will remind me the fan or the light is still on.
  3. Jimcub

    No flow

    Thanks I’ll give it a go in the morning, battery change on car today ( taking all the inlet apart just to get at it )
  4. I use my iPhone XR to tether to my iPad works for me, not any issues and only use when away from home.
  5. I installed this in late 2016 and has worked flawlessly since then, it is in a conservatory with 3 zones the pump is a grunfos upm3 hybrid with a purpose build manifold and a bypass valve. turned off in May this year and then put on in august to test and worked ok now I had a faulty valve in the boiler which was fixed under guarantee, this fault drained all the water out through a vent so I had to refill every day 3 times, always empty in the morning. Now when the underfloor heating comes on the return heats up before the flow on the manifold, the pump is working. I flushed the pipes to get rid off any air pockets and it now has 2 bar pressure, but the actual pipes flow and return remain cold any help would be welcome
  6. I am retired from the engineering trade and try to do all my own repairs and upgrades to my house. in my present house which held the hidden horrors we all here about, I have upgraded or new built this lot a large wrap round conservatory ( bought off eBay complete with blinds for £350 ) it was in very good condition being only a few years old this has underfloor heating ( wet ). kitchen revamp including oak bi fold doors where the window was lounge revamp from the Dpm upwards aluminium gazebo and patio new bathroom two bedrooms in to one new drains layout Upgrade shed into garage and extend garage which is ongoing some has had to be done by professionals as deemed by law, most has been done at a very slow pace due to health conditions jim