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  1. I ask these questions after reading this https://www.buildenergy.co.uk/tips-and-insight/thermal-bridging-explained/ and this https://www.buildenergy.co.uk/tips-and-insight/tfee/
  2. Cheers - but.... I want to increase our EPC (currently B 85) and I thought the best way (as we have maxed out on solar, EC Charger, ASHP, UFH etc) is to enter PSI values for thermal breaks and to have an airtightness test - which, as a conversion do not have to have. As I am not an architect, could I still use the ACDs to show how we have mitigated the thermal breaks or do you have to hold the necessary qualifications? - it does say site manager can sign off.
  3. The trouble is we are not building off plans. Our designer became ill at the very early stages, with only vague wall build ups etc. It was enough to get us through the initial design EPC/Sap. Our building inspector is inspecting us through a building notice and this has been great and hit no problems so far - we have just replaced the roof and due to put windows in and become water tight in a couple of weeks. As we are still early on I was thinking of completing the ACD and sending it to our assessor. Is this something I should do as we go along? Do I send specs. as I go along? Do I keep it all in a file and send it to our SAP assessor at the end? Our assessor is online up north and we are in the midlands. He is very busy and although he answers key questions he is not very forth coming in contact other than sporadic emails. I'd hoped he would be a key source of information however, maybe my online (reasonable) fee does not include this 🤣 Sorry for the questions. It is a stick built steel barn conversion and we are feeling our way through this and very much reliant on knowledge from other self builders. It appears it is the fine details we do that makes our houses better than stock housing - time spent on thermal bridges, airtightness, extra insulation etc. I'm just not sure who to report it to for recognition 🤣
  4. Thanks @ProDave. What a shame! I will check yours out - thanks again
  5. Hi Jeremy, I cant find your blog, could you paste a link?
  6. Has anyone any experience on using ACDs when self building? The guidance says: If the specification checklist is followed, the site manager then signs the sheet, and on completion the SAP assessor may use a better performing psi value for that junction. As we do not have a site manager can we sign off ourselves? I realise that ACDs have now been archived, is there anything in its place? What have others done to help increase SAP assessments where attention to thermal bridging is above the SAP default?
  7. These are big jump in price https://www.screwfix.com/p/c-k-double-cup-suction-lifter/3488x Thought they would be more this kind of price. Dont mind paying more if worth it!
  8. Was it these? https://www.screwfix.com/p/double-cup-suction-lifter/6299p Are they good enough - great price though!
  9. I take it this is the design SAP? Yes - design stage but just updated for lender.
  10. Cheers @ProDave. I think they are using the default as it has never been mentioned. Funnily enough, I have just requested info on setting up a DIY air test on another thread. We will have an air test as we have spent so much time getting it airtight but I am right in thinking that it is not a requirement? We are a barn conversion (Class Q) in Worcestershire, England
  11. Can anyone recommend any good suction lifters to buy? We have a fair amount of windows and 3 sets of bi-folds to install and think it may be worth buying instead of hiring. Thinking we could also use them for laying tiles after! Cheers
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