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  1. im not miffed about them “getting in first” at all I am upset that they have mislead me with what they were having done as she told me it was 6m and slightly higher than the 6ft fence. which in all fairness I may not have objected to my own plans wouldt have affected either neighbours who I knew both had extensions in mind and I was originally of an attitude it will be great for all parties it’s really not about sour grapes. I do have a concern with my own Heath as I now need two spinal operations and I’m really concerned about the impact any future build will have on my own building needs - if that makes sense
  2. It’s on the plans and supporting write up and says they need it as it’s going from a 2 bed to a 3 bed ?
  3. This is the 45 degree rule drawing my architect did for me
  4. “If they own the land in front of your house then it seems reasonable to use it as parking ?“ it’s the curb side on a public road not owned by the owners of the house
  5. Hi all I’m Sarah and I’m in need of help before consulting a solicitor if that’s what I need to do! my next door neighbour has put forward plans for a large extension. They are tenants in a housing association property and the association are funding the extension as he has a disability and allegedly requires full accessible access ramps/hoists etc.. but funnily enough a shower over bath is factored into the plans. 🤔 the proposal extends along my boundary by 10m and is a single story extension that breaks the 45 degree rule, will have a massive effect on the light that comes into my house as it will sit just under the bottom of the top window and will affect my property price massively It is so large and imposing. I have consulted my own architect I’ve previously 3 months ago had plans drawn for a double story side extension myself but had been waiting for results from my own MRI to make a decision if I needed to change my own plans to accommodate my own health issues. And as I need two spinal ops who knows my own needs in the future. apart from all of the above they also have proposed a parking space in front of my house they already have a driveway they don’t use and outside their own property. I have opposed the plans but it’s a waiting game now and I am so stressed out about it. Other people have also opposed the plans but in all fairness it’s because they don’t like him not for any real reason to do with the house. so my question is , is the 45 degree rule still applicable to extensions specifically for disabled people ? they are telling me it doesn’t apply to them. will my own plans be affected? will they take into account my own disability (I have offered to provide medical evidence) Am i better asking a solicitor to take this forward ? I really can’t afford to but neither can I afford to take the drop in my property price as this will have a massive impact! thank you in advance