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  1. Yes I believe it was applied from the inside when the carpenters were plasterboarding around the interior side of the door.
  2. Thanks very much for this. I've just been out and tapped away at the wall and it's definitely hollow underneath where the render should be attached to the blockwork. I should imagine this could cause problems in future. I think this answers my question. I will be getting the builder to fix it.
  3. Did the render bend without cracking?
  4. The render does seem to bulge out from the wall as well as away from the door frame. Could the render actually bulge like that without instantly cracking? If it's possible that the render could flex then i'd be confident that it's the foam that's caused it. I just think it's unlikely that the beading went on bowed. I would have noticed. The render went on before the door was fitted.
  5. Wow that's impressive. My initial thought was that it's pushed the render bead away from the frame rather than distort the frame itself. But then I would expect the render to crack?
  6. Thanks for your reply The uPVC door frame is pretty much level and straight. It's the render beading that is distorted. Strangely the render isn't cracked. I'm pretty sure that the renderer didn't install it bowed so my only thought was that the expanding foam has pushed it away from the wall. But then surely there would be cracks in the wall. It's quite confusing.
  7. Hi Marvin. Thanks for your response. The door frame appears to be straight and level. It's the render beading that looks like it's being pushed out. It is noticeably bowed and spirit level confirms it's not straight. The rendering was really neat when it first went on and I'm sure the renderer did not install the beading in this shape. Would the slow expansion of the foam be enough to push it out without cracking the render?
  8. The door has recently started catching slightly at the top as well which suggests to me that the frame has shifted. I'm sure I would've noticed this before. I'm sure that the builder will attempt to simply patch it up with a bit of uPVC.
  9. Hi all, I hope someone can help. Recently noticed that the door that was recently fitted by our builder looks like it's bursting out of the wall! The builder said that it's just not finished and that the trim around the edge still needs to go on, but my suspicion is that they've put too much expanding foam into the side of the door frame. The render appears to bow outwards. Any views on this would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the info. The boiler is a Greenstar 34CDi. I know I've been overcharged for the work. It's a shame that some tradesmen only see pound signs in these situations. But if he's going to overcharge at least he could do a proper job. My main concern is that the installation itself is regs compliant. There is a loft ladder which was already in place prior to the work and an attic light already in place as well. There's just no boarding and I didn't know if this was against strict regulations or whether it just invalidated the warranty on the boiler.
  11. Yea you'd think so! It's been moved pretty much directly up from the kitchen to the attic.
  12. Thanks everyone for your replies. Thanks Mark. The boiler is still within the warranty period so I'll be reminding the builder of that. I agree that the lack of lagging is poor and I'll certainly be getting them sorted prior to winter. I believe the builder has taken a liberty with the price of the job (£2070 plus VAT), given that he knew we had to have it done if we wanted the extension work to continue.
  13. Thanks for your response Tony. Yes exactly. I'll have a look for the boiler installation manual.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm currently having an extension built onto my house and due to the works ongoing and the fact that we are living in the house for the duration, the boiler had to be moved from the kitchen. There weren't any other realistic options other than to put it into the loft. I've read that there are regulations surrounding boilers installed in lofts - adequate loft access and boarding to allow for servicing etc but I was wondering if someone could tell me if these regulations are required prior to sign off or just a guidance. The builder has used his own gas safe plumbers to do the work and tells me that he'll be able to sign off the work. He said that only a 'fussy' plumber would refuse to service it as it is. If it's a case that boarding is a non negotiable requirement then I'll insist on it. He's certainly charged me enough for the work - approx £2.5k which seems extremely high to me. Please see the attached photo. Any advice on the regulations would be great. Thanks, Dave
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