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  1. Windows from Velfac, Blue now turning a lighter shade of Siberian Larch (old photo)
  2. Anyone want construction site sign? finished my self build enough to remove it. Just need to pay the postage. Rigid 400mm x 300mm warning sign. Need to check postage but just checking Post office i assume it would be around £3 unless you can advise an alternative option? Or collect Aberystwyth PM if you want it. Also have a larger site safety sign but unsure what postage would be on this, quite light but double the size of the first one.
  3. Thanks for the heads up just back checked some Jewson invoices and yes they're over charging against previously quoted prices! seems they're not honourable on quotes and as self builders are so busy they assume you'll not notice.
  4. the branch is fine and very supportive but their central accounts are ridiculous and the online system (correct) often differs from what they send letters against. I get good service and prices from the local branch just a shame credit control seem determined to unpick their good customer service.
  5. Been building the self build for over 7 months now but i continually have problems with Jewsons sending threatening letters about withholding goods or final demand letters for non-payment. Each time i call them to explain i've paid they apologise and blame accounts or systems and say the letters are automated. Is it just me or have other people experienced similar issues?
  6. eventually resolved the sulpur smell by reducing the water pressure from the borehole. After speaking to the company Jeremy suggested they advised they could organise an aeration system but lots of costs involved. they suggested ensuring the carbon filter was set up as the second filter in the flow and turn the flow down to allow the filters to work on the water. They suggested if higher water pressure was required then fitting 20inch filters would be the next step before moving on to a more technical system (very honest of them). currently on the smaller 10inch filters but have purchase a 20inch dual filter system to upgrade when was is transferred from the caravan to the new house.
  7. many thanks for the advice i'll stand down from turning on the MVHR just yet and see if i can hire a heat / dehumidifier for the moment
  8. Currently having problems with condensation on the inside of the windows but could be caused by recent plastering. Wondering if to turn the MVHR on early (on extension lead) and would it help? Current situation Timber frame air tight and sealed, insulation (cellulose) pumped in to the walls and roof. Triple glazed windows No electric yet - expect early dec No heating yet - Expect dec. Recently plasterboard and freshly skimmed. Currently juggling logistics with plumbing, tiling, painting to get in part of the house for Christmas. House seems to be getting damper and windows constantly have condensation. Could be the recent plaster but wondering if putting the MVHR on would help? Or would doing that just make things worse by dragging in cold air (currently low 4's outside) and blocking up the filter with plaster dust? Alternatively should i just grin and bare it till mid december?
  9. the pour was completed in May 16 and building mainly weatherproof since June
  10. cheers guys. yes he is very prim and proper. What is 'imho' Nick? Floor is MBC epc with steel before pour. If i can't work out a way of getting the UFH on i'll take the risk as kitchen ordered and tiles need to be down before fitting. Does the dural matting affect UFH performance?
  11. Help anyone, just been advised by one of the tilers providing a quote that the UFH system needs to be powered and tested prior to laying floor tiles to reduce the risk of cracking. The frame is MBC with MBC laid pipes but looking to get tiles / kitchen in asap but power not expected until early December so dependancies are creating a problem. 1) is cracking really a risk for this type of insulated floor? 2) is there a way to power test / heat cycle the UFH on temporary power? 3) Any other options / ideas?
  12. How did you fix the mesh to the EPS or was it laid in then the back fill used to keep the mesh in place?
  13. Sorry no MBC are returning to pump the insulation / service battens before the plasterers can start is what i meant .
  14. thanks guys, luckily only got 3/4 pendants of which a couple i can install from the loft space afterwards. I juggling between fast fix and metal back boxes but my preferences at the moment is metal having had previous issues with fast fix boxes in previous properties. I could fix some of these before MBC come so plasterers can follow them straight away? Plasterboard carrying cupboards i assume you don't mean kitchen cupboards? What the standard heights of kitchen unit fixing points?
  15. Just getting the site progressed with first fix prior to MBC returning and plasterboard, are there any hints, tips or checklists so items are not forgotten before walls are covered up? Back box heights, beyond the 450mm from floor level what are the heights for thermostats or is it personal preference? Best fix screw them to the service battens? Best way to support light pendants between roof joists? Support noggins for kitchen units is there a standard height Should a back board be used for such things as consumer units, manifold control units (and dismiss with the plasterboard)? Heavy items (buffer tank), best way to fix noggins? Boarding for internal walls before plasterboard? (for support)
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