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  1. Have ordered these for our new build. Will fit with 45mm batten. Not fitted yet but look and feel nice.
  2. The reason that the standing seam was laid on another solid layer (osb) and not battens was to prevent rippling of the sheets.
  3. Having just fitted both standing seam and slate to our house I would say slate (if going for spanish) would be less costly. The build up under the standing seam required more OSB as we had a build up from the rafters up of 9mm osb, breathable membrane, battens, 18mm osb, membrane for under standing seam and the finally standing sheets themselves.
  4. Yeah all sorted now cheers. Couldn't work out how to delete my original post.
  5. Hello Folks. I had been hoping to get standing seem for my new build from I believe Patrick is a buildhub member and wondered if anyone knew if he was still trading? I am wanting to confirm my order but cannot get hold of him and no answer to emails either. I would need to know sooner rather than later as our build is progressing quickly and I know lead times can be months for standing seem just now. Thanks for any info.