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  1. sussexlogs

    Barn roof

    Yesterday on a hot tin roof VID-20210723-WA0003.mp4
  2. I cut the oak trees down 10 years ago and milled them. and then made the door linings and now makeing the doors
  3. Oak door linings. Fish pond. Cladding for the barn. And creosoteing
  4. sussexlogs

    December work

    20201216_081946.mp4 December work so far about 12 hours 20201216_081946.mp4 20201216_082241.mp4
  5. A bit windy today VID-20201103-WA0002.mp4
  6. sussexlogs

    Milling cladding

    It's weight and sum times log dogs
  7. sussexlogs

    Milling cladding

    Yes board on board. And the mills are great
  8. Milling cladding for the workshop and barn today £10 a log =6 m2 of 20mm by 125 and 100mm and sell the off cuts for £25 a bag. And need 400m2 + VID-20200814-WA0002.mp4
  9. Plastering,floor tiling ,garden work and workshop and a big cockup on the steel x3 and it's on me
  10. sussexlogs

    More work photos

    It is 5 years from the start
  11. Photos of tiling and work.and new toy a Peterson sawmill LINE_MOVIE_1592462720839.mp4
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