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  1. sussexlogs

    Photo of more work

    Easy. But get a swarm from a beekeeping association
  2. sussexlogs

    Photo of more work

    From one hive you can get 100 lb I get 50lb a hive the honey in the blue crates is the same but it's colder now
  3. sussexlogs

    Photo of more work

    Yes I would. I have 5 hives and working my way up to 10 hives
  4. sussexlogs

    Photo of more work

    Yes £6 a lb😁😁
  5. sussexlogs

    Photo of more work

    Window cills .old granite worktop .and oak fire door. And oak for the doors and door frames.and honey and hive parts
  6. received_353721582178019.mp4 received_386584338673936.mp4 received_575825816287754.mp4
  7. sussexlogs

    Today's visitors

    I think to risky and to steep in the strong winds
  8. sussexlogs

    Today's visitors

    The house is the background 20190807_123815.mp4
  9. sussexlogs

    Today's visitors

    No ww2 US plane
  10. sussexlogs

    Today's visitors

  11. House work and a 20m steel going up
  12. sussexlogs

    Photo of more work

    There should not be any
  13. sussexlogs

    Photo of more work

    The wet room is getting there and the back of the house
  14. sussexlogs

    More plastering

    Not bad for a 60 year old