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  1. sussexlogs


    I've started the plastering the office is finished and the oak for the doors and kitchen is in their
  2. sussexlogs

    Lawns going down

    Lawns going down
  3. sussexlogs

    More roof work

    Now spending 3 hrs + a day on the house
  4. sussexlogs

    Plaster boarding at last

    Plaster boarding at least
  5. sussexlogs

    Today's work

    Lead welding,battering ,steel work.And digging for more steel work
  6. sussexlogs

    Roof going up and down 2

    The slates are from a barn
  7. sussexlogs

    Roof going up and down 2

    More slates going down 2hrs work on house today
  8. sussexlogs

    Welding lead

    A little bit of lead welding today. 5 hrs work on the house this week
  9. sussexlogs

    UFH bed 2

    Under floor heating going in bed 2 pipe at 300mm centres Todays work on house 2 hr
  10. sussexlogs


    Cavity is 175mm full fill so no heat lost
  11. sussexlogs


    The bedroom no need to be hot.and no insulation
  12. sussexlogs


    18g steel over the top will be safe and it is cat 5. Tv. Phone
  13. sussexlogs


    The sockets are 450 from floor
  14. sussexlogs


  15. sussexlogs


    Under floor heating going in up stairs