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  1. Not in this new house in our last house 4 bed 3 bathrooms we had a 250Ltr cylinder with an Air source heatpump.
  2. Roof, Windows, Doors will be done along with filling as many gaps as possible around service penetrations. There are 3 bathrooms and a cloakroom, Utility and kitchen so stored water would be the plan.
  3. Hi We deal with overage on commercial properties. You need to be very clear with the type over overage agreement. You need to make sure that if you agree the overage that it is based upon the land value only with PP/PD and that you dont end up agreeing to pay 25% of the total value once built as it could very well be your profit is gone. You also need to make sure that you get a clause in there which allows for cost deductions so that you don't end up paying a fortune on design and planning, surverys and feasibility. So if you spend 50K on obtaining planning permission that cost is offset against the obverage calculation. I would also suggest agreeing land agent that both parties agree on prior for any future assessments. Longmores have done work for us however not sure if they do residential works.
  4. HI Guys and Girls Wondering if you can help. I have a property Refurb/not new build. it is a 1970's property i will be upgrading insulation where feasible but wont be like a new build. The property is remote and currently on Oil, the entire heating system will need to be removed. I have previously had an ASHP and solar array with oversized radiators which worked ok in my last house but not amazing (older house). I am torn with what to do with heating and hot water? 1) Reinstall oil system setup, accept that i will have to live with a tank and organising oil deliveries up a very awkward access, couple of concerns cost of oil over the next 10 years???, also regulations with oil boilers am i going to end up in 10-12 years having to convert to a new heating system. 2) Go for an ASHP and accept that i will have to have oversize rads (UFH not an option due to flood prevention set up in the house) i also dont have space for solar panels on the roof (have multiple dormers) have considered solar tiles but its a clay roof , and wont have it installed before the end of RHI so potentially will have high upfront costs and ongoing costs as no PV to offset. 3) Use something like the Dimplex Edel for the hot water (HWC with integral air source heat pump) and then use electric radiators such as sunflow radiators, this will reduce the upfront costs but will have high running cots. Has anyone got any suggestions and comments? I have a meeting with our M&E Designer in the week but would welcome your ideas/comments.
  5. Hi I like the idea of incorporating home automation but would ideally like one main system/ app are there any recommendations? If not for all of the below as much as possible Main things we want cctv gate access Door bell lighting control audio (multi room) nice to haves on same system intruder alarm fire detection blind control
  6. 5a sockets are your solution for a wired system link it to local switching or connect back to a LCM etc.
  7. Have you been in touch with your local plant hire companies. I cant vouch for all but places like Hirebase part of Grafton group, will often be willing to sell plant items to you. In the past we have had items from them that we have got really cheap, they often work off the principles of depreciation so once the item reaches a certain period it has a £0.00 book value to them so when they sell it, its all gravy from a balance sheet position, and you can often even hire the bit of kit you want in advance. We have also done a hire to buy arrangement with them so for example if we are hiring Tools or plant if we spend X amount on a single item they will write it off, quite handy when we hire pressfit tools and forget to off hire them for 6 months. I said it in another post, but if you can build relationships with local supply chain i think you will reap the rewards.
  8. I have a fairly large scale M&E company. The merchants to online suppliers will vary, even spending as much as we do sometimes you will see online prices slightly cheaper for the odd thing. I think the key with the merchants is about forming a relationship and understanding the value that this relationship can bring, especially with the independents. I would suggest speaking to your local merchant and asking to speak with the rep about a project you have coming up. Get them involved and get them to help with the sourcing or products and options they have a wealth of knowledge on products alternatives and relationships with the manufacturers. I know if i call an online company for a favour because i missed off a bit of stuff or ordered the wrong item its going to be a hassle i know if i pick up the phone to my local rep he is going to make it happen as we have a relationship. Stay safe .
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