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  1. Hello, Looking at fully automated systems and was reading up on doing home-run style wiring for central control and I got to thinking about lamps, the standing/ table type which most of us have around the house. I’m not a huge fan of building lights into everything, it’s restrictive or expensive if you redecorate and there is just something nice about a reading lamp. Ideally though, I’d like them all on the same central control system as the ceiling lights but I wondered how best to go about it? Is it possible to put in “lighting specific” sockets that home run in the same way as a mains lighting feed? Or do I have to faff about with separate smart sockets or bulbs requiring their own hub or WiFi? Would love to hear if there is an elegant way to get a normal lamp into the system. Thanks
  2. Hello all, I am just starting to look at the potential of a self build and am wanting to school myself in all the different options. I understand the importance of specialists however I always like to have a good understanding of what they are talking about and this will likely be a project in which I am very hands on. So, I am looking for recommendations of a good info source on learning about foundation types please. Books, websites etc all welcome. thanks
  3. Thanks @TerryE. All solid advice, confirming what I was getting hints of from other research. Thank you also for your blog, I've just started browsing and it is a mine of good information. We are in no rush to do this build, it's very much a learning project for me (I always need something to keep me busy) it's about getting it right rather than getting it fast. Could you possibly point me in the direction of the spreadsheets you mention? Thanks
  4. Thanks all, good starting advice. I’m looking at SIP’s for the build, and very much passivhaus standards in terms of being “green” rather than just fitting LED lighting and water saving appliances! I think I’ve already decided that given the spec of the house I’m hoping to achieve, GSHP would be a waste of initial outlay, (but can you really not plant a bush or tree above the pipes??) I’m hoping I can be convinced that ASHP can do what I want efficiently. I understand the convenience and minimal cost of it but I really don’t want to install gas. It’s one service I wouldn’t need to pay for install, the government are scrapping it from new builds in that not too far future, and I’d like our energy to be from renewables. I plan on solar PV on the roof and already use a supplier that is 100% renewables. Yes my gas is currently carbon offset but if I can ditch it’s use altogether, then that’s better for me. My current cottage is tiny (not sure exactly of the top of my head), and it suits me (despite having to keep a lot of my tools and equipment in a storage unit miles away) but it’s not how I would like to being up my children if I can afford not to. I’ve got each of the rooms down to what I think is the smallest they can be comfortably, I don’t see the point in self building if I’m going to compromise to such an extent where I cramp things in and force the kids to share rooms growing up. I may as well buy something already built and save myself the hassle and work! Although, if when I get to the point of showing my drawings to an architect he can show me a way of shuffling to save space then I would of course be open to it. We need a workshop as we often work from home (one of us will be full time once we have children) so included in my estimate of size is a garage and a workshop along with a disabled accessible guest room with en-suite for the MIL who may well become a permanent resident. I guess my point is, I’m building for the future and don’t wish to grow out of the house, I plan on building green also in the sense of sourcing locally, choosing materials wisely etc to minimise impact there. Does anyone have a good source of information on the different types of foundations? I know the plot etc will affect what can be used but I’d like to understand all the different options.
  5. Hello all, Thanks in advance for this forum, we’ve just started mulling ideas for a self build and what it might entail and I’ve already found many posts helpful. I just wanted to say hello mainly, I will try and post questions in relevant areas but the general idea is we want a large-ish (275-280sqm) house over two floors that looks like a traditional stone built house but which performs to modern, green standards (thinking air tight, MVHR etc) is ready for the addition of children (also in planning stages!) I’d like to be super green but the other half worries about running out of hot water and cold floors if the heating doesn’t need to be on much! 🤷‍♀️ On the surface some seem like trivial questions but the longevity of being comfortable in our home is important and I’m sure several of them actually lead back to the fabric of the house being correct. I’m fairly hands on and pretty competent at DIY having just renovated a 200 year old cottage, the other half not so much! Like I said, I’ll try and post questions in specific areas but any general advice for where to start is greatly welcomed! Cheers Morgan