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  1. Hi, I think sketch-up has a phpp plug-in. If you learn how to use it you can put all your various design options through it. Get passive house plus magazine subscription look for single storey houses for inspiration- you will have a good idea of proportion of window/wall by looking at real life example https://designph.org/ Goodluck
  2. I considered timber frames before fitting aluclad. I live in a very damp climate and reckoned the aluclad would help. I thought repainting frames in a two storey house, using a decent painter would be very expensive. The less maintenance the better for me. I have a dark coloured house so it will all fade to various shades of grey so fading wasn't to large a concern. I fitted Rationel windows - nice quality, performed well on phpp. I would have probably consider passive quality upvc if I had seen some that had a inside face that I liked better - I only really looked at munster upvc/timber/aluclad passive windows - they seemed reasonably good quality.
  3. I think it has quite a low cooling capacity. I had looked at it but I had 3kW cooling load and it was too small. It seems pretty good on paper - there's no reason it wouldn't perform OK- so long as you have a low cooling load. It's not Air-conditioning though - I can't see it reducing room temperature by 10°c - more like 2 or 3 °c reduction.
  4. @nod Is just one coat of this stuff sprayed on enough? Or will two give a better finish - is there much drying time needed between the 2 sealant coats (if I need 2) or between the sealant coat and 1st undercoat of paint? Sorry about all the questions- I've searched the website but I can't find a product info sheet - and it doesn't seem to be simple to contact company online. I have a 210sqm two storey house so would 4 or 5 tubs be enough (standard ceiling heights ect. Thanks again.
  5. Gyproc ireland told me. It doesn't seem to be on any irish websites. I'm only 30 min from the border so it's no hassle. Does it go on handy enough with a paint spay gun? Anything special to know about its use. I'm pretty sure my painter hasn't used it before. Thanks
  6. OK, thanks, so this stuff? https://www.british-gypsum.com/products/gyproc-drywall-sealer?tab0=2#.YS-zm4tMkxw.whatsapp I can get probably in N.Ireland, I asked gyproc.ie and they told me Gyproc Drywall Sealer was discontinued a few years back so it’s no longer available in Ireland. You can source alternative/generic drywall sealers though, your local builders merchant/ hardware store should be able to advise on you on the options they stock. This confused me re. If it was necessary or not.
  7. Hi, My plasterboarding guy has recommended I use something to seal by new boards prior to painting. He recommended gyproc drywall sealer - which seems to be discontinued in Ireland. He said if you don't seal them there is a risk the tapes/joints will show through- we aren't skimming. Anybody any recommendations for a product for sealing and or priming new boards? I will probably get it sprayed on prior to final two costs of paint. Thanks
  8. I had supply only quotes from warema and enviroblinds - maybe 18 months ago. Phantom flyscreen have a dealer in North Donegal who would probably supply to the whole of the North and Northwest. None of them were quick with quotes as I remember. I chose aluminium brise-soliel - I have corrugated fibre cement cladding and I would have found it difficult to detail the fitting of motorised blinds. Do internorm do external blinds? Or blinds within the pane? If they are blinds within the pane they probably wouldn't be quite as effective.
  9. We realised that our original plan of an L- shaped two single storey pitched roofs connected by a flat roof section was too expensive right at the start of the 1st lockdown (about a week before we were going to start foundations). We told the builder we were pausing, we went back to the planners with a simple two storey long - single room deep - house. They agreed in principle it was fine and we went back to planning. If you are still relatively early in the build process you can completely redesign. A simple 2 storey rectangle, no dormers, no roof protrusions, airtight barrier above the ceiling in the first floor is always going to be the cheapest design. We had an architect, he has been great but communication can be slow. I do see the attraction in a design-build package. Our timber-frame had to be reinforced with steel (after the design stage) not the end of the world but it wasn't costed in original estimate. A design build wouldn't have had that problem but may give a more generic design. Timber-frame goes up quick and there are plenty of design-biild companies. Do you really need 3 stories? I decided to build a smaller house to have a smaller mortgage and be able to enjoy working a little less and spending time with my kids.
  10. I'm building in donegal, external blinds are a great idea, you might find it hard to convince people you need them and lots of people will try and talk you out of them. I priced a few places and thought them pretty expensive but looking back now they wouldn't be much more expensive than the brise soliel (yet to be fitted).
  11. Thanks, The plumber says Ok, I will try this….it should actually work. I got a 2” mechanical coupling to go onto the larger part of the bend but it wouldn’t work due to an inner sleeve that the fitting has whereas the smaller 1 1/2” fitting doesn’t have this. Which sounds good. Thanks a million - I have already ordered the wrong cage for the wall hung toilet, so hopefully it runs smoothly from here. ?
  12. Hi all, I just had a text from my plumber saying - this piece, from a megabad shower tray isn't compatible with irish fittings. It's for the the shower pictured below too. I'm not a plumber so any help would be appreciated.
  13. @joth OK, do I understand correctly that in practice and in your experience - it is not necessarily the volume of cooled airflow to the room that will make a difference to the cooling experience but the rate of return of this cooled air that is important? Or are you saying both flow and return are important and it is important not to overlook return? Not sure if this clarification adds any clarity ?
  14. Hi Wumpus, Basic question. These led plaster shadow gap beads are all cut and fitted to size (by plasterer/dryliner) and electrician will then come along and fit the led strip? The strip isn't in them when the plasterer is fitting them? Thanks
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