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  1. Simple question. This is for for and block walls before batons and celotex.
  2. Hi, My basement extension consists of a reinforced concrete slab with reinforced hollow concrete block walls up to the foundation level then simple blocks on top. It all sites on well drained chalk and has no liability of flooding due to where it is. In this case I don't need a full tanking system installed. I've heard however conflicting views on there remaining two options. Reuther a DPM batoned to the walls and layed on the floor or a simple black Jack or other bitumen paint and then insulation backed board dot and dabbed straight into to the walls?
  3. I am currently also extending an existing basement towards the front of the house, digging out and reinforced blocking. My house is an 1890 Victorian terraced. I have been advised by a friend who has been carrying out basement work his whole life to keep it simple. The basement is dry so he suggested just using blackjack paint and insulated plasterboard straight onto this as opposed to tanking???
  4. Thanks for replies, yes it's all very dry even the chat and chalk further down which is lucky. The engineer misheard me in the drawings and thought I only wanted to go as far as the first sleeper but I want to go past it and the next. Ok will go back to him
  5. Hi, I am currently working on a basement extension in my 1890s terraced house. There was an existing basement to the rear under the dining room but I am extending towards the front under the living room. My question is about removing sleeper walls under the living room. A structural engineer has seen the existing basement and was happy that the first wall could be removed and a wooden support be put into the party wall and across as the joists above only support the floor and is not structural. Having taken this wall down as advised and new support put in I am faced with two sleeper walls going towards the front. Can I remove these and replicate the wooden support as the first OR as they are sleepers do the supports need to be steel? The living room, dining room above has no supporting walls internally. The pictures are of the first sleeper I came to and would like to support, remove, replace with wooden beam into party wall either side.