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  1. Not fully decided yet. At the moment 200mm is specified in the drawings.
  2. Hi, we've got a plot just outside Oban and are looking to built a tight, well insulated timberframe house with MVHR, ASHP, UFH and some PV. We're expecting the building regs drawings any day, and then it will time to find a builder and/or timberframe company.
  3. You can, you just need to get the 'Pro' (free) downloadable version: https://www.google.co.uk/earth/download/gep/agree.html
  4. We're putting in MVHR, so under 3 for airtightness I believe is the target. We've been told we have to have heat in all living rooms upstairs, which is what is causing the stramash. The idea of the post heater was purely to get around the 'requirement' for heat supply. Interesting that you're saying UFH is cheap to fit upstairs. I have been told it would add significant cost, although that wasn't quantified.
  5. We were planning to have no radiators upstairs with UFH downstairs, and just towel rails in the upstairs bathrooms. But our architect has told us that unless we're passive house standard (which we won't be), we have to have heat sources in all living spaces in the house. Is this right does anyone know? (We're in Scotland) And if so, would saying that we're putting a post-heater in the MVHR (which we weren't planning to do) deal with the problem?
  6. I know! What a coincidence. Have dropped him a DM.
  7. Heh, yeah, maybe not on the cheap, but as cheaply as possible!
  8. These are the latest (although not completely accurate, particularly on windows) planning drawings. The idea was to create as simple a shape as possible to reduce complexity and build cost so we can invest as much as possible in the fabric
  9. That's definitely one option - our preferred builder (although we don't know if he's available / affordable yet) does have a nice big shed where he makes frames. Part of me likes the idea of getting it built in a factory and getting it watertight fast but then I'd like to keep the cash local too. And it would probably be cheaper I guess. We'll see
  10. Other side of the bridge from Oban. Yes, timber frame, probably no blockwork. Still unsure whether to get the frame from a manufacturer or have the builder make it - will probably depend on the quotes.
  11. Hello all I've been skulking around these forums for a few weeks gathering info (a lot of info!) in preparation for kicking off our build process. We're building on a plot on Loch Etive, just outside Oban on the West Coast of Scotland. Me, my wife and two daughters (at high school) live in Oban just now - the plot is about 15 minutes drive - and we're planning to stay in our current house until the new one is ready. The building drawings are just about to go in and we're about to start getting prices from builders. We need to save as much money as we can by doing what work we can ourselves (we're keen but fairly unskilled) and by buying materials carefully. It's daunting and exciting at the same time, but I reckon we can handle it. (You can quote that back to me in 2 years time).