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    Looking to Self-Build / Project Manage a house build for the family to live in, currently seeking a plot in the Taunton area of Somerset.
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    Taunton, Somerset

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  1. Looks great, definitely inspiration for my own self-build.
  2. Thanks dangti6 Are you in the process of building?
  3. Hi nod thanks for the reply. Sounds like you have built up plenty of experience from your self build efforts, I thought 3 years would be realistic but I guess it's down to where and when the plots come onto the market! I think we are very much living in a false economy at the moment and when furlough etc is withdrawn maybe people will be forced to sell certain assets (land) at realistic prices which hopefully I'll be able to take advantage of. Thanks for the advice and good luck with your next two plots.
  4. Hi, I have just joined the community so thanks for letting me in! After a few months of looking into buying our final and forever family home and discovering the compromises that would have to be made regarding the size of garden, layout of the house, being overlooked by 10 other houses on the estate etc etc I have decided that self building could actually become a reality for me. I have always been a fan of Grand Designs but I have never thought it would actually be possible to build a home that I helped design and that fits the criteria of my family and I. Now after doing a bit of research I can see the possibilities, I just need to find a plot (the hard bit) and decide if I want to stick with my ideology of a solid brick built house or explore the many different types of timber framed houses and the varying options that they provide. I have my own business (not in construction) that is currently doing pretty well so I'm in the saving phase whilst looking out for a decent sized plot around Taunton, Somerset. I have an overall timescale from now of 36 months for the completed project, I'm not sure if that is being optimistic or not but goals and timelines are always necessary for me to complete anything! From a financial point of view I will probably need another 12 months saving in order to save enough for a decent sized plot to build a spacious 4 bed detached property with a nice sized garden, driveway and double garage. So the next 12 months will be spent on educating myself and doing as much visiting of show homes and exhibitions etc as Covid allows. Any advice on finding a plot would be gratefully received, I have signed up to Plot Finder and Plot Search and will be registering my interest with local estate agents. All other general advice would also be appreciated, I'm sure there are many pitfalls etc that I am unaware of so advanced warning from the experts on here would be gratefully received.