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  1. can anyone recomend a design app for exterior and interior of self build. Many thanks
  2. Been here since birth and plots dont come up often, may have to look further afield
  3. Good luck with the project
  4. Good luck in your search
  5. Good luck and keep us posted
  6. i recently spoke to wales and west utilities and tgey auoted around 600 for a standard connection if main line nearby
  7. Hi everyone, Mike from North Wales here, Gods own country. Am looking at possibility of a self build hopefully not in the distant future Seen one or two plots but must admit very rare around where i live. Its been something ive wanted to do for nearly 30 years and am only now in a position financially to possibly do. Hopefully will happen soon. Loving the look of the site and seen some great self builds. I tilt my hat to your fantastic achievements.
  8. I did plastering many years ago and found one of the best renders to be was rough cast. You see it quite often on old farms and its a very strong maintenance free render. Back then you would apply a scratch coat, a top coat and then the rough cast coat. This consisted of sand, cement, stone. Its really hardwearing and the plasterer i worked with swore by it. Its a messy job. Google it and see what you think