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  1. Thanks for comments. We started off with a design that had the look and palette of modern building - render, blue engineering brick and graphite window frames. However, as time marches on we've softened the look somewhat. I think we might end up with brick outer skin as it offer longevity, zero maintenance and a look that will fit nicely into the rural area in which we live. Also, any outbuildings an garden structures will be easier to blend in.
  2. Hi - I'm looking for advice on render specifications. We have plans for building a largely rendered house; brick plinth with brick chimney - bit like the Border Oak type house. The house will be a traditional block masonry cavity wall construction. However, driving around the country I see some relatively new builds on which the render has 'bled' - it looks like the pigment has started to leach. One of the criteria for our build was low/nil maintenance and I thought a render was going to achieve that. I see that some renders need repainting after 'x' years. Our proposed house is in Mid Wales and the plot is around 900 feet above sea level - we see a lot of weather here 🙂. I'm keen that any render we use has longevity and requires little if no maintenance. The other alternative is that we scrap the render elements and go for brick external skin all over. Any thoughts/advice or pointer where I go to get some advice? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for response. Mid Wales is a 'small' place - who is your Architect? I might know them 🙂
  4. Hi - thanks for the ad to the group. Wife, children and I are carrying out self-build in Mid Wales (Powys) and we'll be looking for advice/knowledge all the way through the build; initially some advice on render ("to render or not to render, that is..."). Currently have land with all necessary consents in place and with access road and a level plot (lock-down has been a busy time!) - we are hoping to start footings in the next few months. Regards.