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  1. I just started to build a three bed holiday home in Stromeferry overlooking Loch Carron. Just Completed the foundation.
  2. Thank you for your help in deciding on this. Sunil
  3. Good morning I’m building a house in Scottish Highland, near Plockton, and the contractor is recommending Graft One2clean Clean system instead of Biodisc. Any views on this before I take the final decision. Thanks sunil
  4. Hello, Good Morning, I live in London and building a house in Scottish Highland. It has been a real challenge, particularly managing contractors ! The current contractor is suggesting that I use Graft One2clean system instead of Biodisc, which is the suggested system by my architect. My architect doesn’t have any experience with the Graft One2clean system. On reading around Graft One2clean seems to a sensible system. Does anyone has use this in Highland and any challenges in managing post installation. Regards sunil