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  1. PDR

    Portal Frame House

    Wow @kxi thanks for the comprehensive reply. Maybe I should have said, our reason for choosing steel frame and ks1000rw is because I am a steel and cladding designer/detailer. So I have an adavantage and will do all the design work and drawings. Brother in law owns a fabrication shop and my brother in and industrial Cladder. So many advantages. we are looking at making the walls narrower by fitting the cold rolled rails between the columns, then we will use a metal stud internally for the plasterboard fixing... we hope. You are correct about opening roof lights. No one likes them in the industry, but you can do them and if you are doing that I have a contact who is pretty much the best of the best at fixing and sealing them, so happy to pass details if you need. For your floor did you look at a metal deck with concrete as an option too? Nothing wrong with precast, I do think deck and slab is cheaper though. thanks PDR
  2. PDR

    Portal Frame House

    Hi Kxi I would love to see or hear more about your project. We plan on using a hot rolled portal frame with ks1000rw roof and possibly walls. May use a different profile on walls depending on planners. How do you plan on building your walls?
  3. PDR

    Portal Frame House

    This is the sort of design we are planning to use. I cannot see an issue with building regs as this is how many new offices are built. What were the concerns you had about the regs?
  4. Dan1983, Have you progressed any further? How did the figures for the ground source heat pump stack up against the boiler and rads? Thanks PDR
  5. Hi All, Just a quick Hi to everyone, looking forward to reading, helping out and learning from the forum. We are negotiating on a plot at the moment to undertake a self build. I am in the process or drawing up our initial plans, we are hoping to do as much of the project ourselves as possible, including all the drawings and building regs plans. The current plot has planning for a 4bed house but we are going to look to resubmit as a 5bed. We hope to change the design completely to make a modem looking 'barn' style house. Hoping to use a steel frame for the main structure, clad with composite panel cladding (that's the biggest concern with planners) to get the house up and watertight in a matter of weeks. All the best. PDR