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  1. My intention would be to bring the building to water tight shell and only finish the internals of the ground floor then slowly self-build the second floor as and when funds allow it. Power float finished floor on the ground. Velfac windows or similar, budget £15-20k Foundations/Groundwork £30-40k Shell build £30k (ICF Assembly) Internal structural flooring for first floor £10k Structural roof works £15k ICF Formwork £20-30k I work in construction albeit in infrastructure still I consider myself clueless in terms of a self-build home. However, I do think I can reduce my groundwork/foundations costs by self managing that stage of the job. I can do all the setting out and surveying myself. And possibly work with trades for putting up the shell ICF's. However, I can not work at the project during the week days.
  2. I'm trying to understand the economics of a self build better and want to understand how to better predict £/m2 pricing. Obviously the complexity, design features, material choices will have an immense impact on price but for the sake of this arguments let me simplify it to a cost for a watertight shell (finished render exterior & doors and windows). What would be more expensive: A 200m2 single storey house or A 200m2 1.75 storey dwelling with a ground floor area of 100m2. To me the answer is obvious the first will be more expensive due to the larger foundations roof etc. However, by how much? I am looking at a plot that has planning permission for a rectangular 4 bed 1.75 dwelling (200m2 roughly) and I'm straggling to understand how to price it correctly per m2. Location: outside Edinburgh by-pass, preferred construction method: ICF. I've budgeted about £110 - 130k so far for a water tight shell with me working PM'ing a contractor to reach that stage but maybe i'm day dreaming.