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  1. Hi, did you pick a manufacturer then? Pretty sure I will be doing my own kit on site, but have sent plans to a couple to find out the cost, and to see if it would make any sense to buy the kit and just erect it myself.
  2. Thanks. Aye, means we will be a bit stretched possibly, but it really does cover everything we want now. Means the HWT and any other plant can go in the garage, the UFH manifold will go in the utility, the mains board was ment to be in below the stairs, would it be best in the garage now? We might need a water pump to get a decent pressure, the water was originally going to come in the wall at the utility, but would it make sense to have a tank sunk in the ground behind the garage and have the pump in there and feed coming from the garage as well?
  3. Thanks for everyones comments on changes we could make, made us think a lot and we gave decided to link the house to the garage. We know it will add a bit of cost but hopefully it will be our forever home!
  4. When you see that, its the door in the middle of the bottom wall is our biggest hindrance! That would work well i'm sure. The table being against the island probably is as good as we can do though, but is the island and kitchen laid out to the best potential? We cant decide on it at all, would the island be best coming off the left wall or even the right wall and the table the opposite way round on the end of it? With the 3 kids i think the boot room area will be busy...jackets and dirty footwear galore i'd imagine.
  5. That fairly makes the room a decent size! We had that to begin with, but we didn't like the idea of walking through the utility, and being a farmhouse we wanted a toilet and decent boot room area when you come in the door. Thanks for the good idea though,If funds allowed we should have built bigger just!
  6. Thanks that's a good idea too!
  7. That is what is going on. We have since thought on just a long straight island....an over hang for stools at the right hand end if need be, but do we really need any breakfast bar area? The sofas would be both facing one of the corners or wherever the tv will be. We were thinking on a bench along the back of the island so the table could sit against the island and save space, that's where that idea came from.
  8. Thanks. The architect actually had pocket doors in there and a few other bits, we removed them as we weren't keen on them...mistake maybe?!
  9. Hi there, could anyone help with layout of the kitchen living area and the lounge please! We like the idea of two separate rooms, then done away with the double doors between the two. Now that we are getting kitchen plans done we are finding the kitchen space on the tight side for a sofa and that too, so has anyone any ideas on the arrangement the kitchen should be to suit, and if we should move the opening to the lounge or just totally open up that wall?
  10. That's the plans altered anyway. Done away with the amount of doors in the boot room area of the house, made it a metre longer to make kitchen wider and allow us to turn the wc at the backdoor around. Thanks for all the useful comments on here, still no MVHR, but room for plant cupboards at end of boot room against utility now.
  11. Was hoping to go down the underfloor heating and ASHP route, hoping manifold for that would go I'm boot room area, electric meter under the stairs, hot water tank in cupboard upstairs, boiler in utility if need be. There is plans for a double garage at the back door, about 3m away, so I don't know if we could use it for anything if need be. Would you advise a MVHR as well?
  12. Takien advice on board thanks, will show changes later
  13. We are going to make changes there, do away with some of that doors as well. Thanks for the advice on the insulation and that. I am thinking we will go down the stick build route, wasn't sure if we would be at the high level of air test score that we would need a MVHR? Is it advisable regardless? Is the extra cost worth it in the long run?
  14. Thanks for that comments Dave, amendments to that area taking place this morning! North is on the left gable there, east is just about the corner of the study there.