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  1. quintain

    Conditions when purchasing a plot

    Again I thank you all for your input. I believe most of us are of the opinion that conditions imposed on self builders cannot effectively be enforced. The contribution by 'Temp' of this forum encapsulates the problems. A 'non-business/legal' friend advised that an amount of the purchase price be returned by the site developer/owner to the plot purchaser when all conditions had been completed within the agreed time scale. e.g. plot price £100k return £10k, or similar sums. In thanking him for the input I said when/if the £10k was refused, there would be potential for a messy/lengthy legal fight. Perhaps a number of conditions are of limited importance but such as a build out time as a condition is very important. I fully accept that most self builders will complete their build in a relatively short time as it is to the advantage of the self builder to do so. However there will always be, albeit limited number, of self builders who even against their best endeavors will allow a partially completed building shell to stand within a community. It would be good if some of the LAs who became "Right to Build ‘vanguard’ councils" accepting various amounts of tax payers money could show how they are answering this matter. Perhaps; legislation albeit with great difficulty, could be written to give an answer to the problem and written into the NPPF. I do look forward to "Right to Build ‘vanguard’ councils" joining this discussion with their best advice on how they control the conditions such as build out time.
  2. quintain

    Conditions when purchasing a plot

    Thanks every one for your input, I appreciate you taking the time to do so. I appreciate that any prospective plot purchaser having been made aware of any conditions then has the ability to either continue with the purchase or negotiate ( as referred to by BotusBuild etc) or withdraw. It is the enforcement procedure and how it can be carried out that I am wishing to discuss Dreadnaught: " time limit on when I had to complete the build" how could that have been enforced if you simply decided to take much longer (I accept unlikely but possible) than even the long time allowed. the_r_sole: It was such as Graven Hill conditions & others that brought about my question, I spoke with them some time ago and was treated v pleasantly... but told to discuss such matters with my own legal adviser. I really do wonder how the conditions are enforced or perhaps no one has came up with a wholly acceptable solution as yet BTW: v interesting forum name you have; I worked with a man called Richard Soles, who on occasions was called similar to your online name.
  3. Hi..what conditions do you know of or/and be required to accept when you purchase a plot. i.e. time to apply for PP, time to start work on your self build or time to complete your self build. I am interested in all conditions and how they can be monitored and enforced.