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  1. We got our awning from Roche and when we discussed it with them they suggested that we have the full-cassette option as this would protect the awning from winter weather (which in the UK is a big thing). It was one of the best investments we made as we kept going back on our decision and then deciding to have one etc. If you're unsure, get some advice but I would recommend a full-cassette as it has withstood one of the worst winters we had and some very high winds. Hope that helps.
  2. So I like redesigning programs don't get me wrong but it's like the property seller programs like a place in the sun and a place in the country (or whatever it's called). People aren't happy with a really nice house or they are planning on how to redesign it. If I have £250k I wouldn't be so picky when it's under budget or slightly over but I liked it. Sorry rant over.
  3. We wanted engineered wood flooring in our kitchen but worked out that it was too expensive so we opted for laminate after comparing it to alternatives. Wouldn't look back now as it's easier to clean and maintain.
  4. Also a complete newbie, how important are floor joists?
  5. Can someone help me? I've been looking a floor joists and found out that there are different types of joists. Does anyone have any recommended type? I found this article after Googling but I still need help.
  6. Thanks guys. This is really helpful. I'm UK based so I have checked with my local council and got planning permission to cover myself should someone come knocking
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm new here (duh) and I'm thinking about renovating my house. I have zero to little experience with what I am doing but I know I want to extend the downstairs and it's quite small and cramped so thinking about adding an extension. Expect lots of stupid questions from me and I'll share things I find as I go.
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