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  1. Cheers everyone, many thanks for all the help on this matter, it's down to design then and BC Okaying it....we will see!
  2. Can anyone advise on the position regarding not having enough room to place your waste water treatment plant 7 meters away from the house, or the soakaway for that matter. we cannot place these items further away than about 5 meters from the building. Do we get our building control man to tell us where to put them,or do we have to tell them and then they slap our hands and say "don't be silly... daft person"!! It's begining to get my daughter down because no one seems to know what the right answer is...cheers everyone.
  3. Joe 90 He's actually a Archtectural technician, with my own plans (this query is for my daughters) I aslo drew them up myself on homebyme and then passed these onto a Cad operator who did them professionally to submit to the council, it cost me £3000.00 I was quote 30 thousand, 15 just to ask the council and then another 15 for the finished product to submit to the planning! The costs never stop, I now have to submit plans for a soakaway and 100 year flood thingy even though I have had a house on this site for the past 50 years.....ludicrous! Our structural engineer gave me access to the Cad darwings and I've been altering them ever since, if you never meet up with the Cad op you really are floundering around in the dark with e mails backwards and forwards and getting nowhere, no one but yourself knows exactly where the sun comes up and in what windows how you live in a property etc., they seem to have all their own ideas and really don't want to know anymoe else's thoughts do they!
  4. Dear Temp, thank you so much for this detailed description it is much appreciated. Our "designer" wants £5000.00 for full plans, is this really neccessary, he mentioned that the finishes and the juctions between the different products used would look "shit" if we didn't have it done! Surely I can go elsewhere for less, it's difficult knowing exactly what full plans have on them, if we could see some we would know whether they were essential or not. Didn't realise that the BCO got in touch with the local BCO and then they got full approval, that's really helpful to know. cheers.
  5. We are about to install GS in about 2 months time. My husband is reluctant to dig the trenches and install the pipework himself even though we have the diggers etc., I know you have to be careful when you backfill the pipe in case there are any sharp stones and so sand is put over the pipes. spacing is important too. I did see one bloke who put it in himself somewhere on line and he had trouble with frost, I think he put them too close together and it didn't work. We will get back quite a bit of the money over 7 years from the government, plus it won't cost us £3000.00 a year in oil costs, the new house will be insulated up to the max. Personally I'm all for DIY but in this case not...yes it's expensive, putting in the UFH pipe looks a doddle, so maybe we will attempt that and also the pipework for the MVHR. You also get conflicting advice as to what size boiler, we have been told 8kw/10kw/12/kw and 18kw.....goodness it's a mindfield out there. Gone for the 12kw with an option to switch to a pool if we ever get around to it. 388sq m house but again loads of insulation, fingers crossed it works! Going for straight pipes not slinkies, better we think.
  6. We have been granted the exemption and I have the confirmation of this, I know I have to inform them that I am starting work and give them 1 months notice, it's the building regs I'm confused by, I have the structural engineers plan, do I need anything else?
  7. Bit green regarding this issue, always done conversions rather than a new build. OK. so we have to inform the council of starting work becasue of the CIL one month before anything is carried out. Do I have to give them a set of building drawings? I intend to use a private company and not the council's recommended building control, can anyone advise me on the next move, it's really quite unclear what happens next. Cheers everyone.
  8. Hi Big Neil, yes it was done in Sketch up, I use it quite often, you can copy and paste the drawing, I'm no expert, but what my daughter has just shown me......OOOOOO!!! Command A, Command C, Command V, that will select all, copy all, paste all. That's the shortcuts on my mac, your may be different. If you only need part of the drawing then the arrow at the top left of the tool bar will highlight what you want to copy. Hope this helps. I also use homebyme which shows you in 3D it can also draw a whole house plan, from basement to 1st/2nd floor and place items of furniture etc to scale so you know if things are going to fit in...it's been invaluable. I drew up my new house plans and then sent these to a CAD operator who then drew them up technically. The photo shows my daughters cow shed ground floor plan to give you an idea on what it looks like, you can even walk around the space.
  9. Thanks everyone for your advice, we are begining to think that she's scared of saying that anything can be removed in case it comes back and bites her in the you know what!
  10. Stanchion to be removed in photo 2 and 3 , we have to put in a new ridge beam, Castellated to remain. Durisol blocks to infill. New rafters to take weight of thermo roof necessary? I think we are having problems because maybe the engineer doesn't know much about steel buildings...?
  11. The steel frame that I have for a conversion has stanchions every 5m one of these is in the way of the garage door, it would be nice to be able to drive in 2 cars together rather than manoevere one in backwards and forwards until it fits the space and then put in the other! Could we strengthen the frame either side of the new wider garage door and remove the one that's in the way? We intend to infill with Durisol blocks, these have a 30/35n strength so they will hold up the roof...Won't they...? This blooming steel is being a right pain, we keep mentioning it to the structural engineer and she keeps ingnoring it. there is one hefty castallated beam on one side of the roof structure, this is nearer to the front steels area, but there are structural walls going up inside as well to hold the roof up. Any thoughts would be helpful please.
  12. Not my cup of tea, I would have been right on the finish, it appears to be very rough, interesting with the hempcrete, like building a cob wall... I actually fell asleep in the middle of that programme, although it could have been something to do with grouting tiles in the silo bathroom (not done that for ages!)..... No...not for me!
  13. Hmmm...looking at the Isotex they don't have the edging as the Durisol block, not having seen these yet I can't make any decisions, but maybe they will be at Grand design show? Thanks for the safety aspect re the cutting and eyes, it's all being taken in I can assure you after losing the top of a finger in the family I am Super careful now of everything.
  14. Hubby uses the laser a lot, marks the floor where the electric boxes are so that he can cut out acurately where the back boxes are in the plasterboard, seems to work Ok.. We are all really looking forward to this build now, it's been a long slog....I'm still waiting for permission for a basement, will know at the end of this month. It took 161 days for the silo's to be refused first time around....ridiculous! Today I drew up a new Tractor shed on Auto Cad....who hoo....it looks OK, had a temporary scaffolding system with a tin roof and were told "you have to have planning for that" errr why, it's temporary...but NO...SO...I'm going for the jugular...serves em right!
  15. Thank you guys for the info, we are going to be really busy with the tape measure!!!!