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  1. hallega

    Can I move a stanchion?

    Thanks everyone for your advice, we are begining to think that she's scared of saying that anything can be removed in case it comes back and bites her in the you know what!
  2. hallega

    Can I move a stanchion?

    Stanchion to be removed in photo 2 and 3 , we have to put in a new ridge beam, Castellated to remain. Durisol blocks to infill. New rafters to take weight of thermo roof necessary? I think we are having problems because maybe the engineer doesn't know much about steel buildings...?
  3. The steel frame that I have for a conversion has stanchions every 5m one of these is in the way of the garage door, it would be nice to be able to drive in 2 cars together rather than manoevere one in backwards and forwards until it fits the space and then put in the other! Could we strengthen the frame either side of the new wider garage door and remove the one that's in the way? We intend to infill with Durisol blocks, these have a 30/35n strength so they will hold up the roof...Won't they...? This blooming steel is being a right pain, we keep mentioning it to the structural engineer and she keeps ingnoring it. there is one hefty castallated beam on one side of the roof structure, this is nearer to the front steels area, but there are structural walls going up inside as well to hold the roof up. Any thoughts would be helpful please.
  4. Not my cup of tea, I would have been right on the finish, it appears to be very rough, interesting with the hempcrete, like building a cob wall... I actually fell asleep in the middle of that programme, although it could have been something to do with grouting tiles in the silo bathroom (not done that for ages!)..... No...not for me!
  5. Hmmm...looking at the Isotex they don't have the edging as the Durisol block, not having seen these yet I can't make any decisions, but maybe they will be at Grand design show? Thanks for the safety aspect re the cutting and eyes, it's all being taken in I can assure you after losing the top of a finger in the family I am Super careful now of everything.
  6. Hubby uses the laser a lot, marks the floor where the electric boxes are so that he can cut out acurately where the back boxes are in the plasterboard, seems to work Ok.. We are all really looking forward to this build now, it's been a long slog....I'm still waiting for permission for a basement, will know at the end of this month. It took 161 days for the silo's to be refused first time around....ridiculous! Today I drew up a new Tractor shed on Auto Cad....who hoo....it looks OK, had a temporary scaffolding system with a tin roof and were told "you have to have planning for that" errr why, it's temporary...but NO...SO...I'm going for the jugular...serves em right!
  7. Thank you guys for the info, we are going to be really busy with the tape measure!!!!
  8. hallega

    Conditions attached to PP

    Because I started my build without planning (naughty...slap wrists) I am being charged CIL on two 2 storey linking additions to my silo's....O'h well, luckily it's not a fortune as they are small areas, about 9sq m. Lesson learnt....it could have cost me a fortune if the whole build was subject to CIL!
  9. Thank you AnonymousBosch, I'll have a look and see if I can find the thread. Thank you Ian, most informative, we were thinking of painting them at one point, but I see your thinking on this. Cheers. Hubby went to see the pour today, concrete turned up with 20mm ballast and the wrong slump, they had to send it away and wait for the right stuff, he said it went very well, no blow outs, bit of water seeping, he's going along for the waterproofing on the outside in a few days time....we're sucking diesel!
  10. Russell, we decided against Nudura as after looking at a couple of builds thought that it was really not for us. When you have another half who has to be dragged out of the "ice age" , (he knows how I think)....it's a problem. Fair due to him though he gave it a go and went on the course. He wasn't keen on the cost of putting up this system, there's a lot a rebar and labour involved, we saw some horrendous sights, wavy walls, blow outs etc., Not for us. He was really against solar until recently when it was get it our loose out of the FIT's we now have 33 panels and they are going great guns, he's telling everyone down the pub now!
  11. Sue B, thanks for that will have a look at these.
  12. Well I was rather pleased with the reception, different area maybe. As my daughter and l have spent all the time researching and the hubby "doing" we appear to know what we're talking about (we are very clever at hiding the "I really have no idea what your talking about" syndrome!) Thanks for the advice, and yes it may cause a problem. We are hoping to foam the stanchions first somehow and cut the blocks around them, they were happy with my sketch up design, see below. Because of PD we are not permitted to go outside of the existing build at all. Our lady rep suggested a mesh under the finish plaster to eliminate hairline cracks, have you plastered yet (not in the pub)... Face blocks on edge above doorways with rebar, cut the top off to get the same height as the walls. Hubby has gone along this morning to watch the pour....they didn't seem to have any platforms inside to assist when walking around with the pump, that should be interesting as on the outside there is a 2.70m drop into the void....hmmmm! Are you happy with these blocks, I saw you had problems earlier, it must have been a nightmare, like the 1987 wind that ripped through here and took my barn roof off!
  13. An afternoon of getting close up and personal on Durisol blocks, I am very impressed and so is the hubby....makes a change from "we must go down the traditional route of block, cavity, insulation and more block"....NO.....get with the programme! We are hoping this will also solve the problem for the daughter who has a steel frame to contend with, just spent 10 mins on Sketch up drawing a block with a stanchion in it...seems to work, anyone got any good ideas on cold bridging issues going down this route? We don't have a lot of room on one side as the land belongs to someone else and the building is very close to the boundary, just enough room for cladding and that's about it! The steel will be covered by 40mm of block and whatever cladding she decides on.
  14. Ferdinand, I like the concrete house, I see they used some metal inside as well. I have kept some myself in the connecting area's so that everyone is aware of what they were, polished up nicely. Bit of a nusiance though, I've just left the husband quietly swearing at having to fit door linings, each one is different and very awkward, there was a lot of MDF to sweep up (my job) and now my face is a lovely shade of red, those masks don't suit my delicate skin! Monday we are off to view a Durisol build. Done the ICF foam, not keen, now all l have to do is persude the hubby that "old school" sometimes needs to be updated. It took my daughter and l years to persude him that solar panels were the way to go, we now have 33 and 26 respectively and BOY are they singing or WHAT! He's now telling everyone how wonderful they are.....
  15. O'h.....NO! Although I was tempted to stick one up the council's a.....se !