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  1. The plastic fittings are used to direct the airflow away from an area, To use them you need to screw the valve out by approx 80% and slide into the slots on the top of the valve, when commissioning the system you adjust the valve, lock with locknut and fit valve in the desired direction. Gary BPC Ventilation
  2. Instead of a conventional cone air valve it is possible to use a plate diffuser like this we will also be supplying a range of flush mounted designer grilles later next year
  3. Hi Joe. There are 3 ways you can adjust the flow on a radial duct system, manifold- a ring is inserted at the manifold and restricts the air by closing over the hole, we do not really like this as over time the ring is an obstacle that can gather dirt restricting even more air and requires you to service the manifold Plenum - the plenum has a damper inside to adjust airflow allowing for any type of grille and is popular if fitting architectural types of ceiling valves Air valve - 90% of all systems adjust at the air valve as this allows for easy adjustment and noise is normally only a issue if using poor quality air valves
  4. The Triangle bits are not for installation but we believe are used for cleaning the mesh filter if retained, it is also important that you remove the mesh if you installing these vents in a place that you can not easily get access for annual cleaning
  5. Hi. I am a home ventilation specialist and work for BPC ventilation that are leading designers and suppliers of home ventilation and heat recovery systems to builders and self builders throughout The UK, Ireland and most other worldwide locations I will try to answer any questions and explain the facts from the myths Gary
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