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  1. Hi All, First real post so be gentle please! our frame is up now and the sips company have left site and it’s all up to me now. We’ve had quite a lot of wet weather up here in the NW Highlands and I’ve got concerns about the water that is coming in between the sole plate and the dpc. The amount of dpc overhang to me is excessive and was wondering how much to trim it back to. I’ve still to clad the outside so am expecting some water to run down the outside but I am in the dark about this point. Also how far should the breather membrane (FrameShield 100) hang down to as it is getting saturated sitting on the dpc overhang Heres hoping for some help.
  2. Hi Mike, we’re currently near Blairgowrie and there are a few that are round here. Only half our or so from Dundee and a good commuting road. The local estate agents/solicitors tend to get them regularly, so maybe register with them. We looked around here but couldn’t find anything suitable for our needs or budget, so decided on further North. Good luck though. Something will come. As for the ground investigation, it’s fairly straightforward and worthwhile making any offer on a plot ‘subject to acceptable ground investigations.’ Our solicitor advised using this statement to allow us to make the decision as to what was ‘acceptable’.
  3. Thanks for the add. Just starting to enter this scary world and will be picking the brains of many of you soon. I’ve got lots of early stage questions lined up so will get posting any day now.