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  1. No apparently not, we did ask, what's annoying is he doesn't even need to get out of his car to see our garden plot ?
  2. Hi All, i want to start with no ones health is more important than a build. We've had to postpone our build that was due to start next week as the valuer cancelled yesterday. We had gone for a self build mortgage that payed at wall plate level, and we hoped to need a single stage payment to get us over the line. But due to no one valuing at all in the country then we've been told today we are on pause till they recommence...... Heh ho it took 13 months to this stage what is another few more!! so if anyone hears of a valuer being out and about let me know ?
  3. Hi Ferdinand read your posts with interest, will be looking at this option, as it seems a great way to save money and be involved too, and and I'm in Norfolk so the geography might be involved too, if anyone reasonably locally a used someone. we go to tender this week, so wanted to do this bit ourselves.....if only to provide the reason why we didn't do the build myself!!
  4. Hi All, could anyone reconmend a garden room supplier, looking for a all year round useable room, to use as a hobby room for us, adults! The prices seem to vary wildly, thinking it would 5m x 3.5m will put electrics and water to it. many thanks justin
  5. Yep barrow and spade, not worried about me! Lol just wondered how much rain it would take before it would bind together, but not sure if I'm being over cautious....
  6. Having 5/6 tonne granite type 1delivered Monday pm, I've been reading that in rain it would be hard to move, is this true? How heavy would the rain need to be before it made it hard to move? I am off this week so will be moving it about as soon as it's delivered just unsure how long it will take me and what if I leave half overnight? What would it be like in the morning?... this is just for a few temp temp car parking so we don't block the main driveway.... thanks justin
  7. Getting permission to take trees down as long as you are not in a conservation area, should be very simple, I have taken down 9 trees and have been given permission for another 6 all with permission that cost less than the worry of getting anything wrong..... and im just outside the broads authority, permission to take trees down was a lot cheaper than full planning permission..., and you can do I think in your relatives name too..
  8. Hi All, just setting our budget out and my Architect has asked about landscaping for the tender doc, so we can claim vat back, now from my extensive reading on here I thought I couldn't claim that back, is that right? we have no planning conditions bar the roofing material, and on my access statement it did ref replanting etc etc, is that enough, or did I need an explicit condition? as always thanks for the replies... J
  9. Hi yes it was underneath the "informatives" section, it wasn't a condition or anything like that, based on a sq mt it was xxx, as the above we "just" need to send the commencement notice and the completion at the end.....
  10. In regards to CIL our council sent me the charge notice the week after planning permission was granted, asking for details, we then then filled these forms in then asked for exemption, it is well worth checking this throughly as my charge is 19k....
  11. Thanks Ferdinand great comments, apart from the cat! Will discuss tonight, and have a look... The bi folds are east end.
  12. So here are our plans, we are looking to have a TF, room in a roof truss house, the downstairs bathroom will be tanked out to allow for future use if we need to have a wet room in the future, and the front room would change to a bedroom, the door moved so it would have its own ensuite. The pcloakroom next to it would turn into a WC if needed, for future relative needs. The utility is perhaps a bit oversized but that's due to us have a large dog, who gets a bit muddy from time to time, and needs a drying space! there will be a standalone garage, and a garden room to allow space for hobbies etc etc. if you have any thoughts then please shout, thanks
  13. JandD


    Just have to clear the roof with the planners, that's it, we were quite surprised, as a neighbour objected leading to a 4 wk delay, but we had to move the house a little within the plot. we too are building Ina garden plot of my father in law, so it's a slightly compromised design but we wanted to be closer to help in the next few years.... weve put the first Cil paperwork in just need to do the second before we start, but yes very wary of this.
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