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  1. I don't know whether Direct Line cover Ireland but they have an option for Timber Frame with Plaster panels...thats who we insure it with and they were really reasonable from memory
  2. Hi, I'm Steve from Berkshire, we built a self build using closed panel timber frame and render finish. We bought our original house in 2009 and spent until 2013 doing 2 applications and planning appeals after nearly getting the first application through under delegated powers till the local mafia got onto the local councillor. It's been a fun ride and now we're trying to mortgage it....but that's another building methods can cause a problem it seems!
  3. I've PMed you the details on the company we used, our issue is lenders don't like an Aquapanel system and seem to want a brick or block outer skin, I'm talking to the IFA at the Buildstore tomorrow so hopefully we'll have a solution soon
  4. Did you get this done? If not i can recommend someone i think but i used Aquapanel and a render system for my house and am having a hassle with the mortgage now i've finished
  5. Thanks, i'll have a read. It sounds exactly like ours...I think it's a combination of lending criteria and surveyors not knowing what they're looking at. the eSurv Surveyor asked so many times what it was and how it was done. In my business if we don't keep up to date on new technology for the industry we'd soon be out of work...doesn't seem the case this business
  6. I've heard so many times and not just from the manufacturers but from Building regs, Architects etc that these render systems are common across the UK in areas where the weather can be bad due to speed to complete the build....not sure i believe that otherwise Clydesdale who we were trying to mortgage with would lend against them
  7. Interestingly when i insured it i said it was Timberframe with a rendered exterior and we never got into what was under the render. I know after this whole experience unless something changes in the industry i will probably never build Timber frame or this render system again due to being in this position. Someone suggested we may not have this problem if we were mortgaging it as a residential property as some of the big lenders such as Halifax and Nationwide understand it but they don't do BTL apparently.
  8. Hi, I completed a new build last year and was fortunate enough to be able to borrow money from family to complete the build, not I am trying to mortgage it and have hit a blocker on the fact that many mortgage companies don't like Timberframe construction with a modern render system outer leaf. We used a closed panel Timber Frame which was then battened out and had Knauf Aquapanel and Knauf render applied to it, I am told by various people at Buildstore this is one of the best Render systems on the market and I am trying to find people who have been through mortgaging these types of build and who they used for the mortgages. I find it so frustrating how Lenders are so far behind the new techniques which are often a necessity to meet building codes.