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  1. I would like if the 'Heat Loss vs Month' tab could display for higher ranges 3000 - 5000 then playing 'what if' in the first tab. The master displays for 0 -1500 range but does not seem to auto-adjust for changed data in the first tab 'Fabric and Ventilation Loss'. Im not competent enough with Excel myself. Very grateful for this useful calculator.
  2. Reply toNickfromwales Thanks for that Nick. In place right now: Saunier Duval F35E gas boiler - pre-retrofit combi connected to retrofit UFH 200mm concrete with 70mm tiled screed 7.5 kW PV diverting by 2 Immersuns. Immersun1 to 200L DHW direct tank1 with top and bottom immersions. Immersun2 to 200L indirect DHW tank2 with bottom immersion (original pre-retrofit tank still connected to boiler). The two tanks are connected serially. Tank1 top immersion is on time switch - the other two taking from the Immersuns. All unvented. EV for local trips 5,000 km/year drawing from wall charger. Attached 2017 energy report She Indoors is hobby user of all types of washing machines (3 clothes washing machines, 2 clothes dryers, 2 floor washing machines) - compared to 1 shaver. She often uses 50kWh/day. Previous points Pre-purchased Daiken indoor wall-hung hydrobox EHBH16CB3V, user interface EKRUCBL2C, hot water cylinder EKHWS(U)200A3VB - all new kit from discontinued project, but no warranty I expect. This kit can be matched with 11kW, 14kW or 16kW outdoor unit. HWC has an indirect coil and heater. Present tense - see above I understand. My question related to possible power vagaries if feeding HP directly from battery storage. Ok Good. Unvented, so leave existing DHW set-up. Install new diverter switch configured for car (Zappi?) - car is at home during day. Dont consider off-peak until get better handle how to get to zero on meter with flexible diverting. Mother-in-law (nice lady) standing in 20 degrees in front of HR outlet delivering 12 degrees declares to all and sundry 'this is air-conditioning making us cold'. Instructs daughter to switch off system and open windows to get 'fresh air' (uncontrolled and unfiltered) at 6 degrees. Yes, time was good few years ago to install PV, now good time for HP, but not yet for PV Storage. Look forward to hearing about your progress. I lost that battle - now they just say no need for heating, and by definition HR. ditto 65% of floors (all GF) is 270mm tiled concrete. I prefer to wait for better batteries (not bring in Sunamp) and stay with that. Might try positioning outdoor unit under a bedroom window. Yes. I grew up in a house with an open fire. Our parents and grandparents got by ok with woollen sweaters. All this kit is a madness, as you said - but passive-standard building envelope is not. Yes, got all that. Will install HP next month leaving flexibility regarding DHW - then wait and watch for a year. There has to be a next stage with more PV and storage - see attached import/export balance. Just wave to us minions as you pass.Scan 2018-8-20 15.23.55.pdf
  3. Hello Members, this is my first post and I'd like to say that I really appreciate Jeremy's Heat Loss Calculator, which took one day to complete (yesterday). The compact one-page format with 'what-if' ability is very, very useful. Thank you Jeremy. These are my current considerations and I'd appreciate any comments and/or advice from members Regards, Hugh
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    Hello Forum, Near-zero refurbishment and extension of 1955 bungalow into 2-storey family home with PV and switching surplus to domestic hot water. Contemplating Stage 2 PV with storage. Stage 3 later might replace gas boiler with heat pump.