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  1. Thanks for the replies, thats put me in the right direction.
  2. Hi all, So I have a framed plaster boarded chimney breast, I will be removing all this to open up the fire place for a log burner, the missus wants split face tiles to make the breast a feature. My question is fire proof backer board to tile on, or tile straight onto brick (assuming they are even etc). Any advice would be aprreciated.
  3. My mistake I did mean Fujitsu, no idea why I put Mitsubishi. Yeah has the big box in loft with vent into hall upstairs.
  4. Hello, Thanks for your reply. Yeah its that system. I think around ten years old. Prev owner was heating engineer think he saw the potential in the system but didnt factor in some things. I plan to add insulation throughout the loft, and where I have a boarded out section is to raise that above the insulation so as to have a storage area still. The ducting runs around the edge and at each end where I do not need to get to anything. My worry was is this ok to do. finding this site has been a godsend. Another question someone may be able to help with. The actual system in the garden must be ten years old at least, are the newer systems more efficient?. Mine is mitsubishi see pic
  5. Hi, My house I brought is 1920's and previous owner fitted ASHP air system only for heating. Now house insulation is poor so why it was fitted I do not know but this was around 10 years ago. My question is in my loft the ducting runs all over, is insulated. But the actual loft insulation is very poor. Can loft insulation be laid over the insulated ducting, or would this cause potential condensation issues?. Any help would be really appreciated.