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A few steps forwards and a couple back



It's about time I put fingers on keyboard for a purpose other than Matlab or Perl. So here is a brief summary of the lack of progress in the woodland. I couldn't pass up a few weeks of sea pay, so progress in May was nil but it was lucrative, helping to offset some of the cost increases. And it gave the scaffolders a bit of time to strike the remaining scaffolding (rather a long wait for this). We're still waiting for the arch windows (another long wait) but all the other windows are fitted.  The house is just about water tight so it's time to look at 1st fix and services. There's still a lot to do, and still plenty of supply problems to navigate.




Before we did too much work, it was time to tidy up inside. Nic wanted to see what the family room felt like with some representative "furniture" to plot decor and fixtures.



The first big job was to dig the pit for the sewage treatment plant. This all went very well with the digger earning its keep. No, I didn't make my daugher dig any of it tempting though it was. I planned to fit  shuttering ply the next day because there was going to be a week wait for the concrete.



Now for a backward step. It rained more than a little that evening, so I ended up the proud owner of a large garden pond with considerably increased area. Not exactly top of my list of desires.



I got a good start on the trenches for the foul drains. Plenty more to do but at least they haven't turned into canals yet despite the rain.



So I decided to ignore the problems outside for a while since the floor insulation had arrived and was in the way.



Not content with the pool outside, I thought I could make one inside.



But then I thought better of it (got caught by the boss for plotting silliness) and fitted insulation instead.



It turns out that cutting 150mm insulation to get a good clean straight edge is particularly tricky. So I made a table saw. It's a little bit lethal, so much so that a work colleage called it the "death saw". I think it's a little harsh. It's only a sabre saw with a 12" blade bolted upside down under a home made table... Perhaps the sort of thing @Onoff would make? 😉 It does a very good job.



Finally this month I looked at getting the ducting laid for the water main into the house. Very pleased with getting through 300mm of concrete and keeping the trench straight.



The only snag is that I "found" the water main I intended to use as the house supply. It was exactly where the plan said, but only 200mm deep. Oh well, I like playing with the digger.


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What some people deem lack of progress! 😂😂😂


Love the saw, especially the well placed NVR on/off switch... 😱


Did you bother with any dust extract when cutting the pir? Makes my eyes stream, throat sore etc. Believe it off gasses too when you cut it. I really don't think it's good for you. 

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2 hours ago, Onoff said:

Did you bother with any dust extract when cutting the pir?

Yes. But it was a bit Heath-Robinson involving gaffer tape and a workshop vacuum.

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