Insulation 1



Our efforts in the latter part of 2018 was spent on getting the exterior properly wind & watertight. With just the render left to do, we could now concentrate on the insides.


Starting to insulate the suspended timberfloor was the first job to do.


We attached some little bits of timber to the underside of the joists, which will keep the insulation boards in place. Our primary insulation for the groundfloor is Quintherm 65mm (another two layers of insulation will be added later). Once ordered these were then cut to size using a piece of wood to score a mark and then cut with a handsaw.






We left a bit of gap either side which will be filled with expanding foam to ensure a tight fit.


The other insulation ordered at this stage was the Frametherm wool which is the primary insulation layer between the studs. But some will also be used to top up the gap left in the joists.



The width is already in the correct size so it was just a cut for the required length and then you can pop into the studwork. Compared to the Quinntherm this is more quicker to fit.




And that is that for 2018. Reflecting on the build process to date:


We are exactly where I hoped we would be at this stage. A proper wind and watertight shell that can stand up to the Hebridean winter weather.


Reviewing the finances we are about half way through our build budget.


We have been fortunate no real issues. A problem with a wrong size velux flashing and the metal flashing provided for utility roof was provided at the incorrect angle, both were the suppliers fault!

At the start of the build, I had visions of the concrete wagon sinking in the road, the windows being dropped on arrival and the trusses not being able to fit down the access. The lesson here is watch programmes like grand designs and building the dream, but don't let the drama put you off, self building, it is achievable by anybody!


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I enjoy reading your blog entries as it reminds me so much of what we embarked upon during the spring and summer last year. The shot of those rolls of insulation certainly brought it all back 😜 If memory serves me well, it was the blue rolls for walls and the green ones for the loft spaces. Pleased t hear you are where you wanted to be at this stage of the project. It seems you are on top of things so good luck for 2019.👍

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Thanks @Redoctober


Definitely feels like we are now into the next third of the build. 


Might be asking you a question or two....

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