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Da Bungalow

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Action stations!

G and J


Back in ‘91 we self built the house we now live in.  Block, render and pantiles.  We were both working full time in those days and we did as much as we could, but that doesn’t include groundwork, blockwork, structural carpentry or plastering.  Rural location, fields front and back, nice big garden.


A third of a century later, at the end of September ‘23, we found ourselves in the back garden of a small, run down 1920s or 1930s timber framed bungalow.  It’s in easy walking distance of the centre of a small market town, even closer is a lovely riverside walk, on a quiet-ish road, near a park, and the long, narrow, over run back garden in a quiet little oasis made of half a dozen other long back gardens.  For us it’s the location to die for.  Especially with our first floor bedroom overlooking the back garden.


But the dark and sad and unmortgageable bungalow is not to our taste and crucially, it doesn’t have a first floor.  Yet.  On one side is another bungalow (a matching pair to ours) but fortunately on the other side is a two storey house (phew!).


So we bought it, and put in a pre app during the buying process.  The feedback came in (with some gentle, respectful encouragement) just before exchange and that feedback was generally very positive.


Between exchange and completion we worked out what we wanted to live in and we met a couple of architects on site, one of which we were happy to work with so we engaged them.


As soon as we completed in mid January we submitted our planning app, and we felled some trees and cleared lots of shrubs so we could start to see the garden.  I quickly got to know the guys at the tip and I got much better at reversing Trevor the trailer.


Our planning design is v close to the pre app design save changes hinted at by the planners, and in early May it was permitted without modification.  Woo hoo.  A few conditions (e.g. can’t start till September) but nothing too onerous.  So, that means lots of time to research, plan, analyse and generally overthink just about everything!


Now all we need to do is sell our house….






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Congratulations.  We've just spent 6 months waiting for the planners to come back to us and last week they did - approved, with no changes required.


 I'm now in the process of trying to identify what comes next and not get too far ahead of myself.


Now the work really starts!

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