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Mould on Fresh Plaster - what to do?


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Plastering is all done.  Looks great.

And much of it is now painted (wash coat at least).

But I got to the final room to wash coat it this weekend I noticed some mould on a couple of walls, where we had leaned some cardboard boxes (containing shower panels) against the walls.  My guess is this has just resulted in a restriction in air circulation whilst the plaster wasn't quite fully dried out (though it did look dry and had been a couple of weeks).  Does that sound right?


My question is: what do we do?  Clean it off with a mould remover, let it dry and then paint over it?  Or something else? (we have obviously removed the shower panel boxes)




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Thanks @nod. Worked a treat. Mould remover spray (had some handy as we are living in a caravan ?) and hot wet cloth. Cleaned off easily and now dry with no sign of it.


That room was plastered in Jan and it has been cold, no heating in there and an accumulation of building materials etc against walls. Mistake on our part. Live and learn. ?

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