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Hope you are all having a good weekend.


The chap who designed our house just dropped off five lengths of metal ducting and a couple of sheep food bags full of connectors, couplers etc.


Somebody over ordered a while ago and they have been in storage since so I'm free to use what I can.


I was planning on using 125mm as the branches and then 150mm as the trunks.


I mentioned in previous discussions on the forum that I'm using a system that extracts hot/moist air from area of the house into a mini air source heat pump. The plan was to use a unit that has the pump and tank in a single unit. I'm now thinking of using a separate mini air source heat pump which will then connect up to a mega flow tank utilising a solar coil. This should provide more robustness as the some of the integrated units require an anode within the tank to be replaced. This arrangement should also provide more redundancy in the event of a problem with either system failing.


One question that comes to mind is that some of parts have 160mm on them, why would an installer go for a slightly bigger version? Could I go bigger as I get closer to the heat pump?


If anybody has come across any good blog entries or videos for fitting ducting for beginners please point them in my direction.




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