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This Old House on UKTV's Home channel


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Been watching a few of these recently. It's a US series where, I think, they usually look at renovations, but the last series on Home has been a new factory-made house. I find it far more interesting than the UK series as they go into some detail on many aspects of the build. For example, showing you how to lay out and attach shingles (not that I can ever imagine wanting to use shingles!). They can do this as they cover each job over a number (many?) programmes.


The house in the current series was wrapped in Raindrop 3D, which Kingspan don't seem to sell in the UK. This appears to allow you to clad directly on to it (without using battens), as its surface has drainage channels. On another programme I've seen them using a plastic mesh over a membrane rather than battens.


Last week they poured the walls of an open-sided basement and unless I misheard they shuttered and poured all in one day. They used reusable shuttering.


Terminology is different too. Building code rather than regulations, R values rather than U values, different term for MVHR (but can't remember what).


It looks like Home may not be showing any more in the current run, but I've watched some from season 40 online.


PS I have absolutely nothing to do with the programmes, UKTV, or Kingspan. Just found them interesting and could find only one very specific reference to them on here

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