Smart TRV's ... oh the joys

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So i've been on the lookout for some Smart TRVs to go with our Tado system for around a year now, waiting for them to come up on offer, and finally the other week i bought some. Arrived yesterday, got the attached and linked up to the Tado app, but they just don't seem to work well at all.


Because they sit so near to the radiators, the temperature is massively out when the radiator is hot, Tado say to use the offset, but this only works when the rad is hot, the offset would be completely variable, so thats not do-able. Has anyone had a positive experience with these type items? The only real solution would be to buy an additional thermostat for each room where the is a smart TRV, thats another £600 which i'm not willing to spend!


The main issues i was trying to over come was that the back of the house is always colder than front, as the original stat is in the living room, which is fine until we watch the TV which heats that room up and turns the heating off. I wonder if just buying one additional stat for the back of the house would be a better idea, and do away with these TRVs, go back to the old fashioned ones I took off to attach these.


Getting in touch with Tado regarding these see what they have to say.

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