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Spreadsheet of build costs

Tony K

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Evryone new to the site but not its knowledge 

google  has led me here over many occasions over several years and i have finally joined 

Im looking to build a off grid/ nudura passive house with insulated raft foundation 10 x 8 meters footprint 2 story

Ive seen on here before several icf posts if someone has done a simular build

would anyone be willing to share with me a costing spreadsheet does not have to be evry nut and bolt lol

im a electrical engineer and looking forward to being able to bring any future knowledge to this great community site

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On 01/08/2019 at 16:45, SallyL said:

Hi All

Would anyone be willing to share a costing / spend spreadsheet with me also?  I have one started, but not sure I am on the right tracks.  Excel version would be great.  Also any other sheets (work flow/simple critical path) that they have found useful.

Many thanks


@SallyL Hi Sally I've just joined this forum and wondered if you received any useful spreadhseet templates/work flows for your project that you'd be willing to share with me? I'm just at the start of our house build 😬🤯 so need to get organised! Many thanks, Katie

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