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  1. Might be wrong place to ask but if I'm putting in conduit pipe for 32mm water pipe and also 25mm water pipe can anyone recommend which ones to use, is it a case of 40mm for the 25mm and 63 for the 32mm water pipes as I will be pulling them both through to and from house/workshop. Also any recommendation for conduit size for house to workshop armored cable? colour wont matter any better than most suppliers?
  2. Just been quoted £24 per tonne for plannings ...really?....missed out on about 3 months ago on nearby roads being done , didn't have anywhere to put them , now I need them and of course stupid prices ...anyone got any contacts for mid devon possibly north devon area?
  3. On a positive note i like the idea of being able to Kayak in the garden 👍
  4. Was hoping if anyone was close to just check a generator out for me, decent one at a good price but would feel better if anyone close could have had a look at it just to confirm. Doesn't matter too much. just thought if anyone was really close it would alleviate any doubt.
  5. Anyone close by that I could ask a favour from?
  6. Would be back of the car till I get the garage built
  7. Saw this one , but pretty sure it's a Sensi with honda decals, no response when I've queried it. Hyundai ones any good?
  8. Any thoughts on what to get, will be for general tools, mixer and anything else needed to power. Need one anyways for awhile to run the pump for the borehole till leccy goes in so will get some use. Go Honda for resale or cheapo and what kva/kw should it be.
  9. Hi All Would anyone be willing to share a costing / spend spreadsheet with me also? I have one started, but not sure I am on the right tracks. Excel version would be great. Also any other sheets (work flow/simple critical path) that they have found useful. Many thanks Sally
  10. ty guys really helpful , answers it all i think
  11. Thanx guys appreciate the info, I can save a fair bit by going down in size and mm was just worried that the fence is basically a 60sqm sail and wind can exert a shjt load of pressure, the fence is a planning condition for perpetuity and so want it done once and outlasting me with minimum upkeep. I was going to sink the post down 1m into concrete and if the bottom end was capped with slightly larger plate and the top was capped off would they still need breather holes? Will have them either powder coated or hammerite/equivalent painted. So with the advice 80 x 40 x 2.5mm would be ok ? or 3mm or 3.2mm
  12. Looking at eventually fencing the front of the new build , contemporary style steel posts with horizontal infill boards. Fence is approx 30m long 2m high. If i use steel box section for the posts what size would be sufficient in others opinions? Infill with 6ft softwood boards treated and chamfered top and bottom to shed the water and allow some air through. Is 80 x 80 5mm box section overkill or will another size do, most other sizes will be 3mm or 3.2 thickness though. Fairly well protected site from direct wind but would rather be safe and overkill than have it bend/break/blow down. Thoughts plse.
  13. Anyone need some , panels are Liverpool area. Just bought some but after having 2 quotes to move them all down to me they have changed the quotes on me even after paying a deposit and now its not really economically viable for me to ship them down to my site. 17 x panels 20 x feet 30 x 50kg sand weights clamps and tool. New last year and used once so all good condition original cost was 1500 quid I've been told.