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I am performing a fabric upgrade on our house. Work to be done includes:



- New windows, doors

- Establishing AT layer

- Digging out foundations for EWI

- Designed ventilation

- Resizing of window openings (enlarging and shrinking)


I have done:


- Overall aesthetic look (it's not really changed much, but thicker walls and more contemporary look to the joinery)

- Energy model

- Generic details for important installations, e.g. window installation, treatment of eaves (before deciding on manufacturers)


What I need to do:


- BC approval

- Planning approval (don't think there'll be much of this, not listed nor in conservation area)

- Choose suppliers and products

- Update details to follow systems chosen

- Arrange finance


What should my ordering be next? I don't want to get BC approval only to find our budget won't work for what we have got approval for! Should we finalise the entire design first?

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