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Velux letting in air


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I've been sealing and taping my triple glazed velux windows in our extension today and I can feel cold air at the bottom of the window where the rubber seals are in the actual opening part of the window frame. It's right in the corners. We have 2 velux, one seems fine, may be a very faint airleak but the other was much more obvious but not horrific. I assume I shouldn't be able to feel anything whatsoever? It's going to be a real pain now everything is in/on to get velux involved but what are my choices? Complain to supplier and velux. I'll raise it with my builder tomorrow anyway but thought I'd get an opinion from you guys




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Velux technical services are usually pretty good to help. First thing to check is that the window is square in the frame as that causes problems before you start. Usually if one corner is down slightly you get some leaking but if it’s both corners then it sounds like the seals aren’t correctly fitted. 

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