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Do I need planning? Gov. form.

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Trying to fill in online form to see if my loft conversion project comes under permitted development and stuck already on first page. 

"This property is an article 4 direction area."

I click the details.

"Whole district excluding the town of Chesham  - poultry production."

Does this mean, unlike the MP for Gosport, I cannot build a duck house?


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Thanks T B C. but I have already read several articles.  My quip was regarding to the vagueness of article 4 as you will see in my initial post. 

The article which pertains to my area just states "poultry production."

Poultry production?  Does this mean I can or can't keep ducks and chickens?

Just pointing out the inane government/council directives. Fed up with trying to decipher rules and regulations. 

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