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Planning - conservatory

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We are looking to add a conservatory to the rear of the house.


There has already been been a two story side extension and front porch added to the house prior to us purchasing. The two story side extension is approx 25m2 of land space taken up. Porch around 10m2. Conservatory will be around 15m2.

The remaining garden space after conservatory is around 100m2 and driveway around 30m2.


Can I add the conservatory under permitted development with no planning permission?


I'm confused as to how the 50% rule works.. is it 50% of the physical house walls can be covered by an extension, or 50% of the land IN TOTAL by area can be taken up?


If it's around the house as in area is irrelevant, then we are over. If it's 50% by area (so could go all the way around the house 1m2 if you wanted) then we are fine 

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No more than 50% of the land around the original house should include extensions or outbuildings.


Will the conservatory connect to the two storey side extension or will it be on the back of the original/as-built house only?

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