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Pros & Cons of Rivius Clay Tiles

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Hi All,


We’re currently planning to reroof our house.

The house is 100 years old and currently has Westmorland Green Slate.


The slate seems quite porous and is delaminating in places.


We were thinking of replacing with new slates.


Someone has suggested Rivius Antique Clay Tiles.


Can anyone let us know the pros and cons of these tiles?


The house has a large roof, with two gable ends and four valleys, so there may need to be a lot of cutting.


Some of the roof areas have a steep incline. 





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I too am considering the rivius tiles. They look nicer than a concrete thin leading edge (TLE) tile, should hold colour a lot longer and weigh less. Only downside appears to be the cost. Best I’ve managed to find is 1.97ex vat a tile vs 1.16 for the TLE

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