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Ebay as a Source of Doors


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We have previously talked about seondhand kitchens and French Doors on ebay.


I have just been looking for a pair of bi-fold doors for a 1.2m hall closet (probably need to pay £30 for pine bi-folds, and came across quite a lot of interesting deals for general doors.


Probably it is all in "go and see first" territory. But lots of potential. So just a heads-up for a place to look - potential savings of hundreds of £££. 




5 brand new 1981*838mm Cotrtage Oak doors for £249 Buy It Now. Alloa



5 B&Q Shaker Oak Doors (27" x wide) potentially for £20-40 each.



Wickes Oaks Veneer will need a sand down - about £20. 



8 1920s trad doors just sold for £3 each.



3 used Cottage Oak 78x30 doors where the auction is currently at £47.



Cottage Oak door near me that looks liike gong for £20-40. Unfortunately I need 6 and they have to be trimmable by 50mm+.




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