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Large well insulated aluminium doors

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We have hit a bit of a budget Vs aspiration roadblock with our front door. 


Looking for ideas on who could supply with the following spec.

- 1200x2400 aluminium door

- sprayed in a custom RAL

- ideally sub 1.0 U value

- vertical handle (ie not just a standard door handle as comes on Rationel/Velfac doors which look a bit silly on such a large door)

- possibly with a fingerprint entry system (although this is a 'nice to have' rather than a 'need')

- ideally South East based supplier, rather than ordering directly from EU, but would consider this if the price is attractive enough


We've had quotes from Domadeco, Rationel, Spitfire, Fenbro, Urban Front. eBay direct Polish based supplier. Ranging £4k to £10k. Ideally we want to get less than £3k.


Anyone got ideas of suppliers that we should also consider, or suppliers/procurement routes to avoid?


Thanks in advance.

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Posted (edited)

You'll do well to get less than £4k. We have a internorm AT400 door with the exact spec as above and it came in at about £4k with a 600mm sidelight.


It's an awesome door. In a cold winter spell frost forms on the outside of the door while it's 20c inside the house.

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