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Shower Screen Leak

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Hello everyone

To give some background, we had our bathroom gutted and refitted last year. It's quite a small bathroom, as the house was built in 1957.  A new bath was fitted and also a shower screen on a hinge.  The shower screen is a Aurora 1.




 I am finding the water is pooling against the vanity unit in the corner and seeping out from the gap between the strip and the wall bracket.  
As you can see from the pictures the water causes some orange mould. I am worried long term that the vanity unit will rot as it's currently slightly swollen on the inside.  I can see a gap between the bottom strip and the wall bracket.  I guess that's because the shower screen needs to move and there will always be a gap with a hinge and perhaps a  fixed shower screen that doesnt move would have been a better idea?
Thank you in advance for any advice.



shower stain.jpg


shower4 (1).jpg

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Best thing to do is to remove the show screen and refit the screen.


Before refitting, clean the tile and bath surfaces really well and then use methylated spirit to clean away any greasy residue (including that from your fingers!!)


Refit after having made sure that there is appropriate waterproof (bathroom) sealant between the bath and the hinge and the tiles and the hinge.

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