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Window cill

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I moved into my flat a couple of years ago and started to see some damage around my bathroom window as shown on the pictures. 

1. The window cill is getting damage. There is regularly a lot of condensation on the glass and I need to wipe it with a cloth. Water ran a few time on the window cill, it is inevitable. 

2. During winter I find the wall very cold and therefore I don't think it dries properly (if at all). You can see that there are some black marks on the wall. 


I am wondering whether the window cill could be repaired and what would be your recommendations? I have done some DIY in the flat but I am not an expert. 


On top of fixing the window cill, I'd be keen to fix the condensation issue and the "cold wall". What do you think is the most likely issue? 





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The wall is cold because it has no/little insulation plus you don’t have enough ventilation to remove the condensation. The bathroom and kitchen are the dampest rooms in a house. Is the wood soggy? If so you will need to dig it out and fill with another piece of wood, if sound just sand and paint. 

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