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Stone steps repair

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Existing old stone steps to be retained.

Old mortar gave way. Leaves etc get into cracks. Plants grow there. One stone came loose, could be picked up.

How to fix quickly?
(Considering eg polyurethane adhesive such as Soudal plasterboard adhesive)



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Epoxy, or CT1, which my former colleague claims will stick more-or-less anything to anything! I don't know anything about Soudal Plasterboard Adhesive but wonder if an adhesive made for a dry indoor environment would do well in a wet outside one... (Happy to be proved too sceptical)

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Tks Redbeard.

I was afraid of someone saying mortar, nothing but mortar. Did consider the cousin of CT1, OB1.

Looks like the plasterboard adhesive (construction adhesive) is claimed to be suitable for "All interior and exterior bonding of common building materials." Stone is in the list. Although I have read somewhere that it is water resistant, not waterproof. And not uv resistant. So perhaps it will be a quick solution but with a limited life.

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