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Nuclear fusion district heating

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All this talk of nuclear fusion makes me laugh. Our area has been connected to a local nuclear fusion plant for ages and myself along with a few neighbours are already connected.

The benefits certainly compare well with other forms of energy. Unlike conventional sources there are no wires or pipes because the transmission is wireless. It’s hard to imagine how that works, but the energy is sort of beamed across the airwaves. It is necessary to have line of site from the reactor to the receiver so this may not be available for everyone. There was no cost to actually connect to the source reactor although the receiver was fairly expensive at around £5,000. Possibly the major benefit though is that there is no charge for the energy supplied as it is beamed, free of charge, directly to the receiver. In these times of hugely expensive energy, it seems impossible that this fusion power can be free but it’s true, there is no charge for the power and no sneaky daily charges either. Furthermore, the price is fixed at zero and it is guaranteed that there will be no price increases ever.

On the downside the transmission has been fairly erratic and a bit limited over the winter. This deficiency can be largely remedied by having a battery to tide us over the downtimes.

So far, reliability of the fusion reactor itself has been good and I’m told it is unlikely to fail for well past our own lifetimes. It is comforting to know that it has never been known to fail; unlike some other supplies.

So, you may well ask, if it’s free energy with free and quick connection why isn’t everybody doing it? Well, it beats me but I have noticed that a few savvy people round here have got the message and have fitted receivers to their rooftops.

You might not have heard about all this because the big energy suppliers want it to be kept secret. So, keep it to yourself. Mum’s the word.

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