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How to clean a k-rendered wall?

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Hoping someone can advise.....
I had a garden wall built around 18 months ago and the front of the wall (from the top to the ground) was k-rendered. With the wall touching the ground, I find that when it rains, dirt from the ground splashes up on the wall.

I have attached a photo of my wall showing the dirt.

Can anyone advise how best I can clean this, and is there anything I can put on the wall to minimise the amount of dirt sticking to the wall?

Garden wall 1.jpg

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Brush in a solution of bleach first to kill any crud growing threre. Then try a pressure washer. From a distance at first and get closer gently. Stop if you notice it damaging the render. 


A thin dam of clear silicone on the edge of the tile might be enough to make the rain to run down the steps.


To keep it clean you can get a brush on silicone based sealant . 


Perhaps someone else would know a good brand. 





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thanks @Iceverge. I'll give what you suggest a try. I like the idea about applying a thin dab of clear silicone along the edges of the tiled steps but I'm not sure how I could achieve a neat finish with the clear silicone.


Where you say "get a brush on silicone based sealant" - would that be to apply on the wall once it has been cleaned? Would you be able to recommend of a suitable sealant?

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There's no rocket science to applying sealant. Infact it's very satisfying once you get the knack. 


I would practice first if you're not familiar. 


Get one of theses. 




Some of this




And one of these





Have go first with some scrap timber or something. 


Mask off the areas you don't want to cover. Then the trick is to apply too much sealant and smoothly in one pass wipe away the excess with the scraper. Clean the scraper with baby wipes. You'll end up binning lots of sealant until you can finely judge it. 


It's a skill every diyer should have really for every kitchen bathroom etc. 


I'm not an expert on silicone treatments but Google gave me this. 




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