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How to find replacement kitchen drawer slides

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My Kitchen drawer slides have fallen apart and the ball bearings have rolled out everywhere.

I don't know what these types of slides are called and struggling to do a Google search to find a replacement, can you help?


The drawers have a groove in a plastic pocket (pic enclosed from the back). The slides are not fixed to the drawer, but the drawer has a little button on the side to unlock and remove the drawer.

The slides are side-mounted, but they have what seems to be an unusual plate that attaches to the cupboard. The left rail attached to the cupboard is significantly longer (full depth) than the right side one, which is only 2/3 of the length. See pix encl.


Inside and in between the 2 metal slides are the metal ball bearings, which are on a little plastic train, but I guess it doesn't matter what material that's made of in the future.


I don't know whether I can keep the rails in the cupboard and only replace the slides, or replace the full sliding mechanism. Obvs. because of how the drawer is constructed, I have constraints.


Thank you for any pointers!




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A very slim chance you will find spares or the same drawers. 

You will probably be better just finding a drawer box with runners what fits your unit opening,  then fix your original drawer fronts onto that.



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